The Wonderful World of Wanzie: President Pants on Fire

By : Michael Wanzie
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Where is even one Republican in Congress with the spine, conscience and courage to stand up and say, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore?”

Apparently they don’t yet exist.

The Wall Street Journal has called for the Trump regime to immediately engage in “radical transparency” as the only means by which they might save themselves from the heavy weight and potentially dire consequences of the Russia probe. This would be sound advice if, and only if, Donald Jr. and the Trump administration had nothing to hide.

If Donald Jr. were just a “dunce” and every misstep in meeting with the Russian informants could be chalked up to the naiveté and ineptitude of a family-run administration that is devoid of practical governing experience, then yes, it would be prudent to engage in “radical transparency.” However, if you knew exactly what you were doing and if you are guilty as fuck, then transparency is not a viable option.

Of course every lie about the meeting was quickly followed up by another lie that completely contradicted the first lie, which is in now the well-established standard operating procedure for this administration.

True, Ronald Reagan said he didn’t secretly trade arms when he did. Bill Clinton said he didn’t have sex with that woman when he did. I suppose every president who ever held office may have told a deer fib when caught in the headlights, but never in the history of our country have we had an administration whose chosen style of governing is predicated on the practice of lying. Not until now. Virtually everyone from the president to the vice-president, the advisors, the press secretaries, and even the Cabinet members, all lie. They lie daily. We have simply come to expect and accept this systemic culture of deceit as “just the way it is.” We have accepted the sad reality that it matters not what the president or his spokespersons may have to tell us because we cannot count on anyone in this administration to be truthful. How is this not alarming to every sane American?

Unfortunately, there are those among us who are so blinded by hatred of Hillary, Obama and Muslims that they refuse to acknowledge we have a Kremlin-like administration in power which not only spews lies on daily basis, but works diligently to suppress truth and whip up the less educated among us into a frenzied belief that the free press is the enemy of the people. However, for the most part, the Congress of the United States of America knows better. They are not ignorant to the reality of the sad and dangerous situation in which we find ourselves. A situation where not only can we not trust anyone in the current administration, but also a situation where we have a president who actively labors and campaigns to undermine our faith and trust in our judiciary, our intelligence agencies, and our all-important Fourth Estate. Without free press we would be left with a state-run news organization to serve no purpose other than to legitimize the lies of the administration. That is precisely what this president endeavors to do, and in the corridors of the haters and the ignorant he is succeeding in a truly spectacular and dangerous way. These are the seeds of tyranny. These are the actions of man who, like in his various businesses, would prefer to be dictator rather than play by the rules of a democratic system of government. Congress knows this, but Republicans in Congress seem to be incapable of putting the welfare of this country ahead of party. Republicans in Congress are incapable of putting the health and viability of our very system of government – WHICH IS UNDENIABLY UNDER ATTACK BY THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION – ahead of party. They are cowards who are standing by their man even as their man unleashes a wrecking ball to decimate our government rather than shore it up; to further divide our country rather than make any attempt to unite us; to insulate us from global affairs rather than maintain our once shining status as the leader of the free world.

This president is dangerous! This shameful man is woefully lacking integrity. This president cares not for the plight, future, security or the prosperity of anyone other than himself and his family. This president and his administration as a whole have no relationship whatsoever with the truth, but they have no shortage of relationships with Russians. It is time Republicans in Congress say, “enough is enough!” It is time that those of you who voted for Trump stop being stubborn and admit this man is absolutely unworthy of your trust, that he does not act in the best interest of America. Anyone who can’t see this at this point in time is either just plain stupid, too stubborn to budge, or so mired in hate and racism that they refuse to see it.

To my Log Cabin Republican friends out there (most of whom I am certain had good sound reasons for voting for Trump) I am begging you, for the sake of our country, contact your elected officials in Washington and tell them you insist they stand up to this president and this anti-democratic-society administration. Hold them accountable for their continual stream of lies. Tell them you insist they stop defending the most shameful president we have ever had to endure and that you want them to start thinking in terms of impeachment so that we can save our country and ourselves from this unhinged madman.

I contend that the United States of America is under attack. Inconceivably, the kingpin orchestrating this attack on our system of government is the commander in chief of the United States of America and he must be stopped.

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