Watermark on the Fringe: Two Men Trapped in Women’s Bodies

By : Danny Garcia
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The Michael Wanzie classic, Two Men Trapped in Women’s Bodies, returns with the hysterical antics of Doug Ba’aser as Judy and Tommy Wooten as Marge. The show opens at the cemetery where the sons of two longtime friends mourn the mysterious passing of their mothers.

They make their way into the diner where the ladies spent a lot of their time and, through the discussing of their mutual maternal memory, Doug and Tommy transform themselves into the pair of liberal, boozing old ladies. Almost like a rougher-edged Orlando version of a Patsy and Edina from Absolutely Fabulous, but minus some of the absolutes and the fabs.

As typical of Wanzie’s work, the show includes a lot of references many longtime locals will certainly get. During the show, there are interjected video scenes which include a clip from one of the earlier productions of a younger Michael Wanzie, quite the cameo.

The show combines comedy with serious subject matter, and shows us that despite outward appearances, our loved ones may be stronger than we realize.

Running through May 28 at the Brown Venue. For more information, go to orlandofringe.org

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