Kate McKinnon becomes Hillary Clinton for the last time this year in “SNL” holiday sketch

By : Jeremy Williams
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A high point in the 2016 election season as been Saturday Night Live‘s Kate McKinnon portraying Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Whether arguing with Larry David’s Bernie Sanders, being shocked at the words coming from Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump or having a drink with bartender Val (played by the real Clinton); the Emmy-winning actress always delivers the laughs.

In the show’s final episode of 2016, McKinnon donned the wispy, short blond hair and one of Hillary’s very fashion forward jackets for a parody of the famous poster board season from 2003’s Love Actually.

In the sketch, Cecily Strong, playing the Keira Knightley character from the film, is an electoral college voter. Strong answers the door to see McKinnon’s Clinton standing in the snow with a stack of poster boards and a radio.

“Say it’s Carol Singers,” the first poster reads. Then McKinnon turns the radio on to play “Silent Night,” and goes through the poster boards starting with “Hi, it’s me, Hillary Rodham Clinton,” and continues with an explanation as to why Strong’s character shouldn’t vote for Donald Trump.

“You don’t have to vote for me,” they read. “Vote for John Kasich, Tom Hanks, Zendaya, The Rock, a rock.”

Watch the full sketch below.

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