Tampa Bay’s Overheard: Big Metro donation, tales from the AIDS Quilt and “Miguel and Holly” make it offical

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Challenge accepted?

Metro Charities has been trying to raise funds to renovate their Metro Wellness & Community Center’s St. Petersburg location ever since they purchased the building they are in earlier this year. They set a goal of one million dollars by the end of 2016 in order to move forward with the extensive renovations, updates and expansion they want to do, and they just got a lot closer to that goal thanks to an anonymous donor.

The secret angel of Metro Charities gave a gift of $100,000, but this gift came with a challenge. Anonymous challenged the Tampa Bay area, the LGBTQ community and anyone who benefits from or supports Metro and all the good work they do: Match me, bro.

It doesn’t matter how many individual donations or the amount from each donor, so it can be five gifts of $20,000 or a thousand gifts of a hundred bucks each, just as long as we match. So what do you say Tampa Bay, do you have it in you?

Tales From the Quilt

To commemorate World AIDS Day 2016, the Suncoast AIDS Theatre Project will be putting on a show based on the stories of the AIDS quilt called “Tales from the Quilt: An Evening of Songs and Stories” at the freeFall Theatre in St. Petersburg Nov. 28.

The show will star 15 local performers including Matthew McGee, Joey Panek, Becca McCoy, Katherine Michelle Tanner and Eve Caballero and will consist of stories from people represented on the AIDS Memorial Quilt.

The AIDS Memorial Quilt was created in 1987 by a small group of strangers in San Francisco. The quilt consists of individual 3-by-6 foot panels, each one memorializing a person who died from AIDS. The quilt currently consists of more than 48,000 panels.

“Tales From the Quilt” will benefit Metro Charities. World AIDS Day is Dec. 1.

It’s all in the name

For those of you who listen to Miguel and Holly in the morning on Hot 101.5 (and that should be everyone), you may have noticed a bit of a name change.

The morning show was going by the title “The Miguel Show” since it began on Hot 101.5. Now co-host Holly will get to see her name in lights, too, as she gets name recognition in the show’s title, now called “Miguel and Holly on Hot 101.5.”

Holly wrote up a blog post expressing how thankful she was to “be working with my best friend Miguel, who is a man that appreciates, understands and agrees with my desire to have equal billing on the show.” Holly also says she struggled on celebrating as she didn’t want to seem too “gloat-y.”

The entire letter is available to read on her blog at HOT 101.5’s website, and you should read it. We say congratulations to you Holly and just know that we here at Watermark love you as much as we love Miguel and will have our radio dials turned to Miguel and Holly every morning.

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