Watermark is looking for the Most Remarkable people of 2016

By : Watermark Staff
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Every year, Watermark chooses stand-outs from the LGBTQ community – remarkable individuals who made a mark in the past year, whether through activism, generosity or beating the odds.

2016 has been a difficult year for all of us, both politically and personally, especially considering the marriage victory last year, so we’re looking to honor those who have made the most change, been the most inspiring and helped to make our LGBTQ community that much stronger in the face of adversity.

Please let us know who you think has made a difference in 2016 in the Greater Orlando and Tampa Bay areas. You can read their stories in our Dec. 29 issue. Help us find the best 16 people we should know: eight from Central Florida, eight from Tampa Bay. The polls (oh, the polls) will close on Nov. 30. Let us know who you think deserves the honor and why!

You can use Watermark’s social media to nominate or email editor@watermarkonline.com. Thank you for participating, supporting and being your authentic selves.

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