Watermark’s Wedding Bells: Lissette Reyes and Karen González

By : Samantha Rosenthal
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WeddingBells“She’s very adventurous. She loves trying new things and just being herself and just being out there,” Lissette says about Karen. “She taught me that you just have to live life to the fullest and enjoy every day and not to be afraid of trying new things. If you fail, that’s the just a part of the whole business of being alive.”

Lissette Reyes and Karen González met through a mutual friend. Lissette went to Miami to visit her friend. Karen was staying with her at that time, and that’s how they met – at a party at her friend’s house. Lissette said that from there they just hit it off and the rest was history.

“I thought that she was really a nice person,” Karen says about her first impression of Lisette when she met her at the party.

When they first met, Lissette was living in Deltona and Karen was living in Miami, so they would take turns traveling back and forth to visit each other: One week Lisette would drive down to Miami to see Karen, and Karen would drive up to see her the next weekend.

“It got to the point where the four hours wasn’t a big deal, because it was so nice to see her every time I went,” Lissette says.

Karen says there are so many things she loves about Lissette, but the thing she loves the most is her personality. She’s fun and crazy, and she’s someone you can just have a good time with everywhere with everyone.

Their relationship progressed to the point where Karen decided she wanted to pop the question on a trip the couple took to New York City.

“We were in New York for my birthday and we were walking around and I saw this sculpture,” Karen says. “We took a picture there and I asked her there.”

Karen says that at first when she stopped Lissette and told her she had to tell her something, she seemed nervous and mad because she thought it was going to be something bad, but she was then totally surprised.

When the couple came back, they planned on getting married at the courthouse with just the two of them.

“We wanted to just do it [get married] really quick, just the two of us,” Lisette says. “Her family is from Venezuela, so we wanted to do the whole thing with her family here. We just decided that it would be just the two of us, go to the courthouse and get married just to get that over with. In December, we will then celebrate it with everybody here.”

Even though they planned for it to be just the two of them, a bunch of friends and some family showed up from Miami to support them. It touched them, and they ended up having a small celebration afterward at their house.

Lissette says she looks forward to having both their families together in December when they celebrate their marriage and how much they love each other.

They are not sure about exact plans for the big wedding celebration that will take place in December, but they said it will most likely take place in their home. Karen is very excited about her family coming from Venezuela to celebrate with her.

“I’m from Venezuela, my family is from Venezuela,” Karen says. “People from countries like that are really closed-minded, but my family is the opposite of that. They support me and they love me as I am, and they’re very happy that I’m happy and that I found Lissette.”

YEARS TOGETHER: One year and six months

ENGAGEMENT DATE: June 15, 2016

WEDDING DATE: July 29, 2016


THEIR SONG: “Nuestro Amor es Único” by Joey Montana

INTERESTING FACT: It was going to be just Lissette and Karen when they went to the courthouse but some family and close friends showed up.

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