Push for LGBT-inclusive Human Rights Ordinance in Palm Bay

By : Jamie Hyman
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The march to make all LGBTs in Space Coast are covered by Human Rights Ordinances continues.

Up next? Palm Bay, where supporters in red will converge upon a City Council meeting Feb. 4 to ask council members to consider an HRO with protections for sexual orientation and gender  identity. 

The push is organized by Space Coast Pride, which recently succeeded in getting Brevard School District covered by an LGBT-inclusive HRO. The ordinances offer protection from discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations.

The Palm Bay meeting was originally set for Jan. 19 but has been moved to Feb. 4. It starts 7 p.m. at 120 Malabar Rd. SE. Participants are asked to wear red, and do not have to live in Palm Bay to participate.

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