Top 10: Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Halloween Weekend best costumes

By : Jeremy Williams
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Spooky’s Ultimate Halloween Weekend at the Hyatt Regency on I-Drive Oct. 30- Nov. 1 had a huge turn out. The 13th year of the horror convention did not disappoint with monsters, ghouls and zombies around every corner.

The costumes continue to impress and get more elaborate every year, so here are the 10 best costumes, in no particular order, that Watermark saw at Spooky 2015.


Some of the best costumes every year are the ones that mash up two pop culture characters. This combination of Bender from Futurama and the dreamstalker Freddy Kruger from A Nightmare on Elm Street is enough to give our electronics bad dreams.


Costumes representing Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, were seen throughout the entire weekend. This couple’s costumes were bright and vivid and the make-up was beautiful as well as terrifying.


Up from the pits of Hell, Pinhead and his minion from the cult horror classic Hellraiser made their way through the convention trying to get unsuspecting victims to play with their box.


Superheroes, especially characters from Batman, are always popular at costumed events and it’s hard to stick out from the crowd, but this duo of The Joker and Harley Quinn got everyone’s attention with the LEGO inspired get-ups of Gotham’s most destructive team.


The Sanderson Sisters were back at Spooky and there was hell to pay. They delighted all in attendance as they were on the prowl for delicious children and put a spell on everyone they came in contact with.


One of the biggest shows on TV during Halloween for the last five years has been American Horror Story and the fans of the show can never get enough as the costumes spill off the screen and onto the convention floor. This saintly terror was an homage to the second season of the horror anthology entitled Asylum.


Bringing the costumes to American Horror Story‘s current season, this seductively dressed attendee is the drug addicted Sally, played on the show by Sarah Paulson, in the latest season Hotel.

spooky pat

This costume, Hocus Pocus‘ Billy Butcherson along with the book of the dead, was so fantastic that even Hollywood actor Danny Trejo had to stop him to have his picture taken.


The undead were out all weekend trying to snatch a bite from unsuspecting guests. This overly rotted zombie looks to had quite the feast at Spooky.

batman tran

Back to the merging of two pop culture characters to get noticed, this sweet transvestite combined two of the biggest icons known, Rocky Horror’s Frank-N-Furter and the Dark Knight himself, to get everyone’s attention. I am Batman from transsexual Transylvania.

Photos by Danny Garcia, Heather Burke and Patrick O’Conner. 

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