Chik-fil-Gay?: Controversial fast-food restaurant said to be sponsoring LGBT film fest

By : Billy Manes
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You should probably take this with a grain of salt (and a pickle, and some waffle fries), but the conservative Christian web aggregators are exhibiting distinct signs of heartburn over Chik-fil-A again, this time because some franchisees from the fry-hole are leaning a little too closely into fairness territory. The latest fracas comes with an holy-rolling context, though: Level Ground, “the world’s first film festival connecting lesbian, gay and transgender sexuality with faith and evangelical Christianity,” according to its website, hosts six events nationwide. It’s almost like a liberal chicken conspiracy!

Locally, Chik-fil-A was caught up in a controversy early this year for its association with the enormously popular Orlando City Soccer Club. The company – or one of its franchises – also partnered with Orlando’s own Come Out With Pride festival not too long ago, which was a bit of bone of contention for both organizations. Other franchises in other areas have similarly aligned with pride events. Is the pickle sweetening? Probably not. From the WND piece: 

Geoffrey Grider, Christian blogger at NowTheEndBegins, criticized the Chick-fil-A association with Level Ground, saying the group has “one agenda, the promotion of the ‘Love Gospel,’ … a perverted brand of “christianity” that only focuses on the love of God, and leaves out everything having to do with sin and judgment. The Love Gospel states that because the Bible says that ‘God is love,’ then everything and everyone must be accepted. You have to accept same-sex marriage, transgender, cross-dressing, whatever …”

Grider continued: “Shame on you, [Chik-fil-A CEO] Dan Cathy. Christian Americans stood by you and Chick-fil-A every step of the way back in 2012 when you were persecuted for taking a stand for Jesus Christ. But we will not stand with you on this. No sir. One of my favorite places to get lunch is at one of your restaurants, but that can and will change. Your move.”

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