Overheard in Tampa Bay: Rocky Horror, Nick Carter’s strip club advice and Ben Carson

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Let’s do the Time Warp right meow!
Few things scream Halloween more than a public showing of the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show and it’s made even better when it’s done for charity. The Burns Court Cinema in Downtown Sarasota will have an all-out, costumed viewing over at the Frankenstein place on Halloween night. Admission will be a $25 donation and includes the Rocky Horror bag-o-goodies for the enhanced cinematic experience. Proceeds will go to the CAT DEPOT; a rescue, adoption, education and resource center for homeless cats and kittens. Hot Patootie, bless their souls. The donation also gets you a free raffle ticket and a free drink at the Starlite Room after party. Dammit Janet, if you’re a Rocky Horror virgin and don’t know the words don’t worry they’ll have subtitles and plenty of people will be there to help you touch-a, touch-a, touch your inner Rocky.

Show me the meaning of being elderly
Former Backstreet Boybander Nick Carter took a break from his dancing shoes on the ABC hit-show Dancing with the Stars to speak with “The Miguel Show” on Hot 101.5 Oct. 16, where he offered up some advice to Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback, Jameis Winston. The Tampa native said he doesn’t want Mr. Winston to make the same mistakes he did living in “one of the best strip club cities in the world.” The advice: stay out of strip clubs, ditch all your dummy friends, keep your nose in the books and get a girlfriend, marry her and settle down. The advice even got picked up nationally by TMZ where they stated after offering up the advice, “Cater then ate dinner at 5 p.m., filled his candy bowl with butterscotch disks and fell asleep watching Jeopardy.”

Dr. Ben Carson wants your vote… and for you to buy his book
Gaining in the polls for the Republican presidential nomination, Dr. Ben Carson is taking a break from saying stupid things on the campaign trail to pay a visit to the Carrollwood neighborhood Barnes & Noble on Dale Mabry Nov. 3. He will be meeting the everyday people while he signs copies of his book A More Perfect Union: What We the People Can Do to Reclaim Our Constitutional Liberties. Well, that is quite a mouthful of a title. For those unfamiliar with Dr. Carson or just wanting some conversation starters when you meet him, Dr. Carson is the Republican presidential hopeful that compared same-sex marriage to pedophilia, compared Democrats to Nazis and said Obamacare is worse on America then the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Did we mention he is surging in the polls.

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