Issue 22.20: Come Out With Pride

By : Jake Stevens
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What a difference a year makes: Come Out With Pride Come s out of the mess and into the magic, Dr. Dave brings LGBT health care downtown, Ex-Exodus leader Alan Chambers talks atonement in the face of doubt, Stonewall throws a brick at gay history , local news, celebrity interviews, and much, much more!

Watermark Issue 22.20 // Sept. 24 – Oct. 7, 2015

On the Cover | Page 27
What a difference a year makes: After a series of unexpected pitfalls and the reorganization that they imply, Come Out With Pride promises that this year’s Orlando festival will continue the organization’s upward trajectory, and then some.

Doctor, Doctor | Page 8
Dr. David Baker-Hargrove follows his heart and expands his practice downtown in order to better serve the underserved, and those who are transgender.

Tampa Bay News | Page 12
There’s still a lot to sort out about what’s going on with the closing of Georgie’s Alibi in St. Petersburg and the potential fallout of the surrounding LGBT business core, but one thing is certain: There is no more Alibi.

Don’t be such a prude | Page 23
As Come Out With Pride approaches, local legend Michael Wanzie reflects on why we are so loud when we are proud.

She’s a brick | Page 45
The new Stonewall film breaks into theaters this month, leaving the LGBT community – and the film’s director – in a state of confusion as to what the alleged “whitewashing” of the message will mean for progress. It’s all about the brick.

Alan Chambers | Page 37
“I don’t think I’ll ever get to a place where I don’t say I’m sorry to someone who’s telling me their story for the first time. And I think that’s helpful and what I’ve heard from people, whether it’s been on national television or just sitting in a coffee shop on Park Avenue talking to a gay couple, or parents or you name it. I feel like that’s benefited people, and I feel like it’s an encouragement for others to step out of the shadows and say they’re sorry as well.” —Former Exodus International leader Alan Chambers

Too much information | Page 62
Our political column Uprisings licks the wounds of a Republican presidential debate with a salty tongue while reaching for its poll-winning hairpiece and a cocktail. In other words, we’re scared.

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