Overheard in Tampa Bay: Tailgates, roller coasters and a dance-off

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EQFL celebrate Bucs’ Pride Day with a tailgate party
Football season is here and for the second year in a row the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will celebrate the LGBT community with a Pride Day at Raymond James Stadium. So dust off the black and red gear and make sure to get to the stadium bright and early on Oct. 4 because, before the Bucs tear apart the Carolina Panthers, Florida Equality is going to be tailgating. For those who are not familiar with this sport’s fan tradition, tailgating is a huge block party celebration in the parking lot before the game starts. Fans come out to socialize, do a little trash-talking about the other team and eat amazingly greasy and delicious foods out of trucks of people’s cars. Equality Florida will have their own private tailgate area (think Pride VIP service), so make sure to bust out the tailgate and come celebrate with the community. GO BUCS!

Gardens by day, sin by night
Make sure to get plenty of rest on Oct. 16, because Oct. 17 is going to be a long, fun day for many. The day kicks off with the fourth annual Big Gay Gardens Day. It’s a day of family, fun and roller coasters at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay for the LGBT community. The organizers tell us this year is really nothing more than a bunch of families getting together for a day of fun in the park. In previous years, there have been pre-parties, after parties and fundraisers, but with so much going on in the community this year, they’ve kept it simple … SO FAR. Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as some surprises may be coming your way. Keep hydrated while you are out at the park, because that night is the 39th Annual All Hallows Masquerade Ball at District 3. This is a private, invite-only party, so if you are one of the lucky ones to get an invitation, and your endurance is strong, then this may be the best day of the year for you from sun up to sundown. Make sure if you are attending to pick your poison, because this year, #SinIsIn.

Local stars bust a move for charity
Just like in the hit ABC show, Tampa Bay is putting on their blue-suede shoes for Dancing with the Stars 2015. Local celebrities will be pairing up with professional dancers from the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Tampa Bay to perform live in front of a crowd of 600 fans at TPepin’s Hospitality Centre. Not only do you get to support your favorite celebrity, but you also get to help raise funds for Hands Across the Bay, My Hope Chest, Clothes To Kids and The Cypress Initiative; all charities helping across the Bay area. The celebrities range from local news talent to doctors and firefighters to one certain Equality Florida member who is sure to be a dancing powerhouse. So get your tickets, pick your champion and get to steppin’.

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