Issue 22.17: Back to School

By : Jake Stevens
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Back to School: Sarasota’s Peter Ruiz graduates college thanks to the Zebra Coalition, the return of Culture Club, Pastor Protection Act comes to Florida, local news, celebrity interviews, and much, much more!

Watermark Issue 22.17 // Aug. 13-26, 2015

On the Cover | Page 27
BACK TO SCHOOL: Zebra Coalition of Orlando earns a new stripe with its first college graduate, cover boy Peter Ruiz, now an actor in Sarasota. Several other courageous survivors join in the equality chorus.

Central Florida News | Page 8
Parliament House isn’t going anywhere, even if everyone on the internet wants you to believe it’s on the auction block.

Tampa Bay News | Page 12
Benefit gala may have hidden faces but it drew large crowds and thousands in philanthropic donations.

The Other Side of Life | Page 21
Fiscally concerned gay conservative Jason Leclerc debuts his new column about how we can all just get along. Or can we?

Kissing to be clever | Page 33
Culture Club reunites for Unity Fest in Madeira Beach and a concert in Orlando, avoiding churches and poison minds.

Uprisings | Page 46
Our political column decries the misogynistic free-for-all that was the Republican debate, starring Donald Trump’s hairpiece … and his loud mouth.

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