Overheard in Tampa Bay: When dildos attack

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You’re simply the best
Out Traveler’s magazine came out with a list of the top 200 gay bars in the world and only one if the Tampa Bay area was on the list, Georgie’s Alilbi. Georgie’s in St. Petersburg was described as “a low key place to play pool, have a beer, and just chill,” and Out Traveler praised the bar’s daily drink specials and weekly drag show. News of Georgie’s being named a top gay bar in the world may surprise other towns, but our readers have known what a hot spot gem this place is, naming Georgie’s Alibi favorite LGBT bar, favorite LGBT happy hour and favorite LGBT business in the 2015 WAVES. They also have been THE celebration destination hosting both Watermark’s WAVE Awards and the official St. Pete Pride parade party.

I’m ready for my close-up
Tom Woodard may be known in St. Petersburg for creating some of the tastiest food in Central Florida at Pom Pom’s Teahouse and Sandwicheria St. Pete, but starting back more than 30 years ago he was a part of the Orange County Sheriff’s office in Orlando. In 1997, Woodard was a part of the investigation into the abduction and murder of Carla Larson and this case was the topic of an episode of Nightmare Next Door on Investigation Discovery. Entitled “Daylight Abduction,” the episode describes the events of a professional woman vanishing in broad daylight only to have her naked body found dumped in the woods days later leaving detectives to jumpstart a manhunt for her depraved killer. The episode aired July 9 and is available for download on Amazon.

Shake it like a Polaroid picture
A woman was charged with domestic battery after a fight with her girlfriend prompted a dildo attack, according to the St. Petersburg Police Department. Annette Kielhurn, 57, was arguing with her girlfriend over who owned a dress on July 14 as her girlfriend attempted to move out of their shared home. Law enforcement says they arrived at their home because of a call from Kielhurn’s girlfriend, asking for police to stand by while she moved out her belongings. According to police, Kielhurn grabbed her girlfriend’s arm and pulled the dress out of her hand, saying it belonged to her. An officer asked Kielhurn not to touch her girlfriend again, and to explain to her what she wanted to keep. Shortly after Kielhurn returned to the girlfriend and shoved a dildo in her face right in front of the standing officer, police said. Kielhurn grabbed her girlfriends arm once more, leading to her arrest.

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