St. Pete photographer sets a hater straight

Clinton Brentwood Lee, a photographer from St. Petersburg, shoots weddings and other events for his company Brentwood Photography. Like many people on Facebook, Lee changed his profile picture for his business page to show support for marriage equality in the wake of the Supreme Court’s historic ruling on June 26.

A client wrote on his Facebook wall that they would not be doing business with him because of his support for the LGBT community and wanted their $1,500 retainer back. Lee in turn thanked the client for showing her true colors because he now did not want to do business with her.

Oh, and the $1,500 retainer? Lee advised the bitter bride to review her contract as the retainer was nonrefundable, but he didn’t keep the money. Lee took the full retainer and donated it to GLADD.


We don’t like your kind in our store

As our newly minted editor-in-chief, Billy Manes, took his maiden voyage to the Tampa Bay area as a Watermark employee for St. Pete Pride, he and his husband decided to take in some of the local businesses. One did not sit so well with them at all.

As they came to the Going Strait Christian Thrift Shop near 34th Street, they thought “well, we are neither straight nor Christian but we are intrigued and must pay them a visit. (Actually, Manes’ partner Tony went to seminary, so there’s that). Alas, a visit was not what the Christian thrift store wanted for as they approached the store a sign read “No Gay Men Here.” In today’s day and age and with the recent Supreme Court ruling one would think this kind of segregation was left back in 1960.

The sign for the Going Strait Christian Thrift Stop has a quote below it (I’m assuming they are quoting someone since they have it in quotation marks) that says “Jesus is Always Better.” I always thought the same rang true for southern hospitality.


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