Watermark’s Wedding Bells: Melissa “Missy” Guad and Sondra Rae Valentino

By : Jeremy Williams
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Do you believe in love at first sight? Missy and Rae do, and if you spend any time with them together they have an energy that can make the coldest heart feel the same way.

“I know some people don’t believe in love at first sight, but ever since I first met her I knew I needed her in my life. I crave her,” Rae said. “I don’t know what it was and then as I got to know her I was like we can be best friends, a.k.a. lovers.”

They met four years ago at Pulse Nightclub through mutual friends. Missy felt the same way Rae did when she first set eyes on her.


“When I first saw her I was just like wow. Our friends even knew it when they saw us together,” Missy said.

After that night, Rae went home and, like we all do when we have that moment of meeting someone we want to know more about, she turned to Facebook.

“When I got home I started crying cause I couldn’t find her,” Rae said. “I was asking my friend what her name was on Facebook. I may have had a few drinks in me at the time.”

She eventually did find her, messaged her and began a courtship that led them to the train station at the Magic Kingdom June 13.

“It took 3 months of planning. I went to the Magic Kingdom three or four times to make sure everything was perfect,” Missy said.

Rae did not suspect a thing. She expected a day at the Magic Kingdom with her family and the woman she loves.


“The plan was to have her take a picture with us in front of the train station and have her friends behind us with signs that said SONDRA WILL YOU MARRY ME? and then her look at the picture on her phone and say ‘what is that?’” Missy said. “But she was rushing us to go and walked ahead to talk to her dad and I was like what do I do from here?”

Missy text Rae’s dad to solicit help and he got her to look up.

“I saw her mouth drop and I dropped to one knee,” Missy said.

The signs were up in the air, but only partially visible to Rae.

“All I saw was ‘…DRA WILL YOU MARRY ME?’ and I thought is that for me? I didn’t see the full name and then I turn around and see her down on one knee and I lost it, my knees were shaking,” Rae said.

Rae said yes, of course.

“I don’t remember ever being this happy. We just balance each other out so well. I’m an anxious person and she just knows how to calm me down.” Rae said.



Four years


Fall 2016


June 13, 2015


Missy asked Rae at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World


not sure yet, but most likely outdoors


unsure of the food but will definetely be open bar


They are very athletic and active, Missy has always played basketball and Rae loves to go running. When they are not being active they both have perfectly normal, healthy obsessions with Disney and the Lifetime Movie Network.

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