Issue 22.11: 25 Years of Magical Weekends

By : Jake Stevens
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Celebrating Gay Day at the Magic Kingdom: 25 years of magical weekends. Miracle of love opens Stafford House in Orlando, Reba opens up about gay wedding and Reba drag, St. Pete Gala Poised to pass $250,000 fundraising goal, local news, celebrity interviews, and much, much more!

Watermark Issue 22.11 // May 21-Jun 4, 2015

On the Cover | Page 27
Gay Days: What started off as a handful of people getting together at the Magic Kingdom to have fun has become one of the largest LGBT events in the world. Learn of the humble beginnings and how it went from one gay day to a full magical week. Cover design by Jake Stevens.

Orlando News | Page 8
Miracle of Love is coming to you with a big art event to announce the grand opening of the Stafford House; St. Luke Cathedral moves forward with the baptism of a baby with gay dads which they originally cancelled; more.

Tampa Bay | Page 12
Equality Florida has almost reached its quarter of a million dollars goal they set for the St. Pete Gala with a little over a week left to go; The Gulfport Library is preparing to reopen and will be showcasing a new LGBTQ Resource Center.

Reba McEntire | Page 37
So Good Together: Reba McEntire and her LGBT fans go together like big hair and leather boots. Now, with the release of her 27th studio album, she talks about gay marriage, women in country music and “Reba” drag queens.

Lesléa Newman | Page 42
First published in 1989, Heather Has Two Mommies has become one of the most banned books in America. Now after 25 years, author Lesléa Newman is focusing on her poetry and has re-released the controversial children’s book.

Gallery W | Page 62
From Beach Ball to Rip Tide, from Girls in Wonderland to Tidal Wave, Gallery W takes a retrospective walk through the last 25 years of Gay Days complete with all the red shirts, outrageous costumes and exposed skin you remember. .

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