Transgender “bathroom bill” not on House Committee’s final agenda

By : Staff Report
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The State House Judiciary Committee has scheduled their final meeting and the “bathroom bill” was not placed on the agenda moving it one step closer to not being heard in this legislative year.

The Single-Sex Public Facilities bill (CS/CS/HB 583) would prohibit individuals from using public facilities that align with their gender identities and instead require an individual to use the restroom that matches a person’s gender at birth.

This bill would not take into account the appearance of any transgender person meaning even if the person has the physical appearance of and identifies as a female they would be forced to use the men’s bathroom.

“Thank you to so many passionate voices speaking out against this hateful bill that made such a difference by opening many hearts and minds,” wrote Gina Duncan, Director of Transgender Inclusion at Equality Florida, on her Facebook page.

The Florida Legislature is scheduled to end May 1.

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