Overheard in Orlando: Bacon goes to the Big Apple

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When Justice wins
Recently OutLoud Orlando’s Justice has sported a new sleek look. Instead of his usual, dark curly head of hair, the DJ decided to shave his head. On a recent broadcast he shared that the decision came after he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins High Grade B Cell Lymphoma. That diagnosis came in November and in mid-December he began an aggressive chemo treatment. Justice tells us he’s happy that it’s a treatable form of lymphoma and he’s keeping a very positive outlook. The shock-jock will continue his work on 91.5 and webcast.

Love handles
When XL 106.7’s Johnny’s House challenges different businesses to get fit, the staff at the Parliament House accepts! The staff of the P-House—including Anthony Gray, Drew Sizemore, Darcel Stevens, Bryan Granatstein and Randy Justice—are finalists in the ehgiht-week fitness challenge presented by Planet Fitness. They jokingly say they have joined together to fight the battle of bulge as Team Love Handle! This is the type of challenge where you hope to be the biggest loser. And really it’s not a matter of winning or losing this time around, but by how good you look by Gay Days.

GILT-y Pleasure
Beginning Feb. 5, Thursdays at GILT Nightclub will be known as “Thrive.” Thanks to the promotional talents of Chris Pittman, the inaugural night will feature DJ/Producer Twisted Dee, no cover and an open bar until midnight. We were told that details on the second installment are still under wraps but that there is a big surprise in store for the Valentine’s Day week.

Bacon plans to Ham-bush the Big Apple
Local artist and jeweler, Rob Bacon has been accepted to show his wares at New York’s Fashion week. Such exposure can be huge for an artist, but so can the expense. So the out artist created a GoFundMe to assist in his journey. Previously working with big name celebrities like Kelly Osborne and Demi Lovato, Rob is known for his unique style and has donated some of his work to raise money for local charities. If you wish to donate or check out his work check out his Instagram: @RobBaconJewelry

Orlando’s Gong Talent
On Feb. 22, the Venue and The Center will team up to present what both promise will be one of the zaniest and fun events of the year. The new game show, hosted by the newly resurrected Eureka Fish, will feature local celebrity judges. The idea of the show is really quite simple: different acts perform and if they survive the gong, they’ll make it to the next round. Those with the talent to compete should contact Ken at the Center (407-228-8272). Those who do will could win prizes and achieve fame! Hurry before the slots are all “Gong!” See what we did there? Ticket sales for the show will benefit the Center’s Senior Program.

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