Overheard in Orlando: Savoy owners go their separate ways

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Savoy threesome sees a split
Chris “Tadpole” Hanay is no longer part of the “new” Savoy. The former owner announced on Facebook that he was moving onto the next chapter of his life and referenced some new “opportunities” ahead of him. He didn’t elaborate on why he split from the other two owners, Patrick Razo and Brandon Llewellyn. A lot happened at the bar when the two took it over. They added a new dance floor and lighting, changed the name and theme of the adjacent tattoo lounge to the Locker Room. Last weekend, Hanay was seen bartending at Latitudes Bar. His former business partners have remained quiet about the split.

Set your DVRs for ‘Front Porch Chat’
Orlando resident Randy Ross is back on television. This time, however, he’s not going after a reality show dream. He’s hosting a talk show. From the description shared by him on Facebook, Front Porch Chat with Randy & Friends sounds like a down-home local version of The View or The Talk, although not starring any comedians or seasoned journalists. The show is scheduled to premiere on CW18 in March.

What’s a good ride worth?
Ride sharing services took off like a rocket at the KSC this year and but local Taxi services like Mears were Uber-mad at being undersold and over performed. The city held meetings threatening to only allow Uber and Lyft to operate as long as each charged a 125% fare rate or else face large fines, the petitions soon went up Lyfting the support for these ride sharing services urging the city to go back to the drawing board and asking the services to come to an agreement. The city will allow the ridesharing services to operate legally, as long as they charge the traditional $2.45 per mile and drivers pay a $250 license fee. The rules go into effect in February.

Sisters are doin’ it
Miss Darcel Stevens and others came out in droves to support the mother of a slain sister in the trans-community. Thirty-year-old Ashley Sinclair, also known as Mohagany Shylanda Sinclair, was found murdered in April 2013. After several months of investigation the arrest of Kent Louis was made. The case for Ashley’s murder went to trial and the courtroom was filled with Darcel and several others in the LGBT community were there to honor their friend and to show support for her mother. On Dec. 12, Louis was found guilty of manslaughter. On Ashley’s Facebook page, many were relieved to see there was justice for her.

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