Gay twins Bec & Sebastian are ready for COWP

By : Steve Blanchard
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They shared a womb, they shared their coming out experience and now they’ll share their inaugural trip to Florida in October.

The 30-year-old Australian fraternal twins Bec and Sebastian Ivanov will experience their first-ever Come Out With Pride during their first trip to Orlando. And the timing is perfect—right at the height of their burgeoning music career.

The two gained a legion of fans after appearing on Australia’s version of the reality competition series The Voice, where they were chosen by coach Ricky Martin during the blind auditions. While the pair didn’t win the second season of the show, it did launch them into international stardom.

“I said to myself, let’s use this as a platform for us to get people to know who we are and what we’re all about,” Sebastian says during a video call alongside his sister from the home the siblings share in Australia. “It was so fantastic to use the show as that platform and really expose Bec & Sebastian as who we are. Of course, our eyes were always on the goal, but we saw it as a launching point.”

The show was a big step for Bec, who didn’t have the experience her brother had in the music industry. Surprisingly, The Voice helped Bec achieve confidence in her performance skills, something she lacked prior to the televised exposure.

“I never sang in front of people in my life,” Bec says. “My parents heard me two years ago and here I threw myself into it and started on a national singing competition. What better way to help me with my confidence?”


Two Voices: Gay siblings Bec & Sebastian Ivanov performed well enough on Season 2 of The Voice Australia to get selected by coach Ricky Martin and move on in the competition.

The twins, who are both gay, are two of four children and Sebastian is five minutes younger than his twin sister. Their brother, who is four years older, is also gay. So when the twins came out, the family handled it well.

“I remember at a wedding I started talking with my sister and saying, ‘so this guy I’ve been hanging out with, he’s not just my best mate…'” Sebastian says. “She said to me, ‘I have a crush on this girl.’ So we revealed it to each other at the same time, knew it was okay, then agreed to not tell mom just yet.”

Eventually, they told their parents they were gay—and the world. In fact, the pair has had to adjust to the fame afforded them from the show and their growing concerts.

“It’s been a positive,” Sebastian says of their adjustment to fame. “In the show we were aware of the challenges. They see all of this excitement of being on TVF and hanging out with Ricky Martin. People ask us what he’s like. But the show is hard work. And it was fantastic because it kept us busy and it’s great doing something you completely love.”

The twins are still adjusting to getting recognized on the street.

“It’s interesting,” Sebastian laughs. “I wasn’t getting it much, but my sister was.”

Bec thinks she knows why.

“I think it was my tattoo,” she says. “I have a sleeve and they recognize it. Plus social media has helped. It was weird seeing yourself on the telly.”

Sebastian has a partner and Bec is currently single. Both understand that the other is old enough to find their own romantic connections, but admit they have high standards for each other’s love interests.

“I know what kind of person he is,” Bec says. “Anyone who comes into his life I have to approve of on some level. But at the same time, as long as he’s fundamentally happy, that’s it. But if I don’t like someone or I have a gut feeling, it interferes with our relationship.”

Bec seems happy with her brother’s partner now, but admits, “I didn’t like one of the last ones.”

While the twins are both out, they see their sexuality as just a part of who they are. It does, however, influence some of their music.

“All of our songs come from personal experience, so yes, sexuality plays into that,” Bec says. “It all intertwines from past relationships and going through our sexuality and realizing things .”

The pair’s newest single, called “Barricade,” is dripping with personal stories of the twins’ sexuality.

“Because it’s about and to our exes,” Sebastian explains. “In the studio we’re channeling what we were feeling from that situation. It just came out. We definitely do pull from the experiences and our sexuality.”

But not all of their music is about heartbreak and relationships. Sebastian describes the music he and his sister create as “mainstream pop music.” But it’s not bubble pop, he says.

And it’s the music that keep the siblings compatible and enjoying life together. What they present on stage, Sebastian says, is a combination of styles.

“It’s a journey, I think,” Sebastian says of their stage performances. “With the set list we’ve got [for COWP], it’s tender to upbeat. Moments with mid-tempo and emotion flowing, others with beats. We’re not going to do anything ballady because we want to keep the entertainment factor and energy levels up.”

Bec and Sebastian will be accompanied by their drummer. Both siblings sing and Sebastian will also play the keyboard.
“Our drummer is gay also,” Sebastian explains. “So we’re bringing the gay family from Australia.”

Pride is a great way to celebrate not only who they are, but it’s a chance for Bec and Sebastian to showcase their talents to new crowds. In the not-too-distant future, the pair would like to live in the United States full time and travel the world.

“We’re not getting any younger, but this is an exotic time in our lives,” Bec says.

And the siblings hope to keep working together well into their careers.

“Basically, I want to make sure we get our material out there and get people really connecting with what we do,” Sebastian says. “I want to meet as many people as possible and grow as we go along this journey.”

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WHO: Bec & Sebastian
WHEN: 7:45 p.m., Oct. 11, Lake Eola Bandshell

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