Photographer discovers vintage photo album of same-sex couples

By : Samantha Rosenthal
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Same-sex couples may seem like a new thing to some, but vintage pictures discovered by a Parisian photographer shows that same-sex expression has been around for decades — even during a time where it was extremely taboo.

Sebastien Lifshitz, who collects anonymous albums with vintage photos from flea markets all around the world, discovered a collection of photographs in France depicting same-sex couples freely expressing their love and affection for each other.
“It was quite unusual to have intimate photographs of gay people because most of the time they had to be very discreet,” said Lifshitz to The Daily Beast.

Lifshitz has also produced a documentary on same-sex couples in France through the decades, and has a book called The Invisibles: Vintage Portraits of Love and Pride that share all these beautiful captured moments.

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