Tyra Sanchez arrested for assault

By : Staff Report
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Virginia Beach, Va. – It seems like RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 winner and former Orlando resident Tyra Sanchez is in trouble again.

Sanchez, whose real name is James Ross, was arrested Sept. 9 in Virginia for a misdemeanor assault. Virginia Beach court records say Sanchez was arrested 15 days after the offense.

Sanchez told TMZ that he was signing autographs at a venue in Virginia Beach a few weeks ago and person in the crowd started to heckle him. He went over to calm the person down when he was grabbed and assaulted by a security guard. Sanchez was handcuffed but eventually let go.

He attempted to file a charges Sept. 9 against the venue, but Sanchez was informed he had a warrant for his arrest.

He was arraigned in court Sept. 9, but posted bail and was released that same day. The complaint, filed by Daniel Alonso, was categorized as an assault and battery penalty code under Virginia law.

Sanchez will appear for a follow-up arraignment Oct. 8.

Sanchez has been arrested previously for marijuana possession in Georgia in August 2010.

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