Vaccines recommended as 3 HIV+ men develop meningitis

By : Wire Report
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NEW YORK (AP) — New York City’s Health Department says it’s investigating three cases of meningitis that have developed in HIV-positive gay men over the last two weeks.

The department said Friday it’s recommending meningitis vaccinations for all men who regularly have intimate contact with other men.

It says men with HIV are at a greater risk of acquiring meningitis.

The department says two cases of the often-deadly disease were reported within the last three days. All of the recent cases were in Brooklyn or Queens.

Early symptoms are similar to the flu, with fever, chills, weakness and muscle aches. It may later include headache, stiff neck, and widespread rash.

A previous meningitis outbreak among gay men ended in February 2013 after 22 cases were reported. Of those, 7 were fatal.

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