Little Miss Parliament House – Gay Days weekend

By : Danny Garcia
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In the style of Toddlers and Tiaras, Lil’ Miss Parliament House is a hilarious satire of perils of toddler pageants.

The show consists of a local pageant promoter, the overly tanned Del Frisco played by Jeff Jones, his wife, being filmed for a pageant documentary show. As he sets the audience up with how perfect everything is set to be, you know you’re going to get the complete opposite.

After a tragic bus accident kills off all the “perfect little girls” Delfrisco’s co-Pageaent creator, Doug (White) scrambles to find replacements via craigslist, what we get a group of the most “unique” seven years olds being played by local talents of Carol Lee, Doug Bauser, Gidget Galore & Ginger Minj – each also playing their own parents in video interviews. The judges are pulled from the audience and the contestants improvise the Q&A portion of the show, resulting in some interesting results.

A total laugh riot, Little Miss Parliament House was a great way to relax and enjoy the early part of the evening before heading back to the party!

Photos by Samantha Rosenthal. 

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