Dine Out at Citrus 2014

By : Veronica Brezina
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Succulent, delicious food kicked off the evening at the Citrus Restaurant’s charitable event for the Zebra Coalition, a LGBT+ services organization.

The event, where one-hundred percent of the proceeds went to Zebra, consisted of a three-course meal ($60).

The 60 guests kicked off their meal with a choice of either soup or Caesar salad. Entrée choices were herb-marinated chicken breast with whipped potatoes, beef bourguignon, or shrimp and grits with sweet corn and chèvre grits, Andouille sausage, poblano and sweet bell peppers.

Alison Burgos, Co-owner of Pandora Events group behind Girls in Wonderland, said she choose Citrus because of the great quality of food and the intimate ambiance.

At Burgos’ table sat Whitney Mixter, the reality show “The Real L Word” and one of the hosts for Girls in Wonderland. Next to Mixter was her wife, Sada Bettencourt, who was also on “The Real L Word.”

Before the dessert arrived, Dexter Foxworth, executive director of the Zebra Coalition, discussed the challenges young people face with when coming out to their parents about the gender they young person identifies with or sexuality, and in turn, are sometimes kicked out and become homeless due to lack of acceptance and support.


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