No arrests following fight at Flamingo

By : Steve Blanchard
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A fight involving 12-15 people broke out at the Flamingo Resort shortly after midnight on Friday, Oct. 11, but there were no arrests made in the case, according to St. Petersburg Police.

According to Bill Proffitt with the media department of the St. Petersburg Police, none of those involved in the altercation chose to press charges after police arrived. He added that when officers arrived on the scene, most of the fighting had already ended.

“There was one injury when someone dispensed a can of aerosol mace, which caused a reaction,” Proffitt said. “The report isn’t finished but it could have maybe induced an asthma attack.”

Early morning posts on Facebook indicated a much larger scuffle and witnesses said more than 20 people had been arrested. Official reports directly contradict that since no arrests were made. Proffitt added that the case is still under investigation and charges could still be pressed in the future.

No serious injuries nor property damage were reported as a result of the fight. Thursday evenings are “College Night” at the popular LGBT resort.

A call to the Flamingo Resort went unanswered Friday morning. As more information becomes available, Watermark will update this story.

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