Pillow Talk

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Imagine Neil Simon’s Odd Couple on a road trip” as young adults” with unresolved sex and intimacy issues. That’s the surprisingly rich premise for Pillow Talk, a sure hit at this year’s Fringe.

Kurt Roth plays the macho Oscar character, Aaron, who is both annoyed and amused by his friend, Doug, a neurotic Felix-like character played by the adorable Jay Pastucha. Their first stop is an overnight visit with Aaron’s grandmother at her small mobile home in Arizona. Aaron and Doug are forced to share a double bed, and the posturing begins.

Director Jamie DeHay has paced the production masterfully, with rapid dialogue that feels natural. And Roth and Pastucha make their characters believable and endearing. Nudity at the end of the production fits the plot; one of the characters seems more surprised than the audience.

The acoustics can be tricky in the domed Blue Venue. But otherwise the small set works for this very intimate production.

I was concerned Pillow Talk would be yet another threadbare Fringe production designed lure gay men with eye candy. Instead it’s an admirable local production, thought-provoking, uplifting and funny.

In his last line, a naked and gleefully supine Doug says, “If I’ve made this much progress on the first night of our trip, imagined what the rest of the trip will be like!” Hopefully, that means there will be sequel. Maybe Rest Area?

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