Comedian Mike Delamont brings judgment, and laughs, with his successful stage series ‘God is a Scottish Drag Queen’

By : Jeremy Williams
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Mike Delamont is a critically acclaimed and award winning comedian from the Great White North, and he has sold out show after show at Orlando Fringe and at Fringe festivals across the world. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, that’s because Delamont’s fame doesn’t come from his own name, it comes from his character, which throughout the festival circuit, and a few religious organizations, is larger than life. Delamont is God, but not just any God, he is God the Scottish Drag Queen.

Delamont’s show, God is a Scottish Drag Queen, of which he performed Part IV at this year’s Orlando Fringe, has made him the talk of any festival at which he performs. Now, on the heels of filming a television special, Delamont is bringing Parts I and II of his successful God is a Scottish Drag Queen series to the Plaza LIVE. Delamont spoke with Watermark ahead of the show to let us know what we can expect from God and when we might get a peek at the Devil.

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