National oral history project to record Pulse stories

By : Wire Report
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ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) – A national oral history project is coming to Orlando to record the stories of the Pulse nightclub massacre.

Producers with StoryCorps will spend five days in Orlando at the beginning of March preserving the stories of the massacre victims and also of Orlando residents who were changed by the tragedy. The story collection and conversation project is called Taking Your Pulse.

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My View: From A Broad- This is what you call an Introductory Offer!

By : Jill Shargaa
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Jill Shargaa

Jill Shargaa (Photo by Judy Watson Tracy)

Watermark has asked me to write a column. “It can be on anything you want, political, serious, humorous…and it has to be about 900 words.”

I thought, “I don’t know 300 words, so this is gonna be a challenge.”

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WMFE sale pending to Daystar Television

By : AlejandPate
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Central Florida's airwaves are about to get a little more anti-gay. WMFE has announced that it is selling its public TV station to religious broadcaster, Daystar Television.

Orlando filmmaker and LGBT activist Vicki Nantz said the sale announcement set off alarm bells.

â┚¬Å”I think that's why Daystar Television has formed a new non-profit organization called Community Educators of Orlando,â┚¬Â she said.

Nantz said Steven Strange, publisher of the anti-gay magazine Charisma, and his son sit on the board of trustees. The new non-profit is listed as the buyer but Nantz said they're run by Daystar.

â┚¬Å”Public Television and WMFE have historically provided a place for LGBT-affirming TV programs which have educated our country and advanced the fight for equality,â┚¬Â Nantz said. â┚¬Å”To think that PBS will no longer have a home in the nation's 19th largest TV market and will instead be another religious channel broadcasting bigotry and hate via the Daystar Network is a warning bell for everyone, especially those in the LGBT community.â┚¬Â

She said it's â┚¬Å”like giving voice to these bigotsâ┚¬Â and is encouraging all members of the community to contact the FCC to protest the sale.

â┚¬Å”Even if you never watch it, it's another tool of anti-gay bigotry that is in our hometown,â┚¬Â Nantz said.

The FCC commissioners' email addresses can be found at Nantz said the FCC has 90 days to decide whether to grant the license.