Watermark’s Wedding Bells: Jamie DeHay & Jay Hawkins

By : Aaron Drake
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Jamie DeHay and husband Jay Hawkins really knew how to make an entrance to their wedding—by seaplane.

“Because the wedding venue was located on a lake and to go along with our travel theme, we arrived to the wedding by seaplane—underscored by ‘Game of Thrones’ theme music—to the surprise of the guests, who all assumed we would be coming by boat or jet ski,” says DeHay. “It was by far the most thrilling and memorable part of the wedding.”

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Watermark on the Fringe: “El Wiz”

By : Danny Garcia
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A true love letter to Puerto Rico, her people and her culture. This retelling of the classic “Wizard of Oz” is set in modern day Puerto Rico, but instead of our story’s hero Dorothy getting swept up in a tornado, she’s whisked away during Hurricane Maria which devastated the island this past fall.

Touting a very large cast with vocal performances that are quite strong, “El Wiz” blends Latin music, hip-hop and even traditional Afro-Puerto Rican Bomba music – we’re taken on Dorothy’s journey from start to finish in whimsical and family friendly ways. The characters in “El Wiz” are given a modern upgrade and all the incredibly talented performers fit the roles perfectly.

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Overheard in Tampa Bay: A season for singing

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Claus goes to Oz
Una Voce: The Florida’ Men’s Chorale, pulled off an entertaining and hilarious holiday show this year by incorporated everyone’s favorite movie musical, The Wizard of Oz into the Christmas season. Audiences followed Dorothy and the men of the chorus on a magical trip through a winter wonderland that looked an awful lot like the Land of Oz. The popular chorale group played to several packed houses over the weekend of Dec. 15 and had audiences begging for more, especially when the purple-haired, green witch made his, uh, we mean “her,” appearance. “The Wizard of Claus” played in both Hillsborough and Pinellas counties.

Snyman Sings Again
Well, he never stopped singing, but he will be singing again in Tampa Bay. Counter tenor Jacques Snyman is coming back to St. Petesburg to show off his acrobatic voice, and this time, he’s expecting a big crowd. Snyman, a former Rugby star, bodybuilder and model, recently toured Europe and auditioned for some pretty classy directors. Since discovering his ability to hit notes several octaves above his speaking voice, he’s performed around the globe, all while bringing a message of anti-bullying. He’s back in the states after the holidays and will perform Jan. 26 at the Studio@620 in St. Petersburg. Check out the mid-January issue of Watermark for our interview with the sexy and talented performer. In the meantime, check out details at TheStudioAt620.org.

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