Watermark tradition: Boycotting the bell-ringers

By : Jamie Hyman
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JamieHymanHeadshottIt’s that time of year again, when the incessant ringing of a bell greets every Publix shopper, accompanied by the sight of a Salvation Army bell-ringer. For the third year running, Watermark readers will quietly take a stand against the charitable organization’s anti-gay history, practices and attitude.

We are once again offering a mini-flyer stating your opposition to The Salvation Army’s anti-gay practices. If you are participating in the boycott but would like to let The Salvation Army know why, please download and print the “money” graphics on this page and when you encounter a bell-ringer, slip a flyer into their shiny red bucket in lieu of cash.

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Preaching to the Converted: The Power of Terror

By : Ken Kundis
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KenKundisHeadshot_808353452It was my sophomore year at Tulane, circa 1986. While I had lost my virginity with a man at age 16, that one time had been my only gay experience when I arrived in New Orleans to start my freshman year. Right at the end of that first year, and starting into my second, I began to hesitantly, although it could not be said cautiously, experiment with my sexuality.

It came with a nearly crushing amount of internal conflict. I had known since earliest adolescence that I was gay. But I hadn’t yet reconciled the juxtaposition between how I knew I felt and what I thought the world held for people who felt that way. I went through a fairly consistent cycle: horniness drives me to an anonymous encounter, which was easy to find on an urban college campus. Anonymous encounter leads to terror and bottomless guilt.

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Thinking Out Loud: Same-sex marriage won’t lead to goat weddings and polygamy

By : Abby Dees
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AbbyDeesHeadshotI’ve heard some variation of this kind of argument more times than I can count: “If we let gays marry, next we’ll have to let people marry goats! Or, “If we can’t legislate morality, what’s to stop people from legalizing polygamy or marrying children?”

These are what lawyers call “slippery slope” arguments, the idea being that once you’ve started going down the hill, there’s nothing to keep you from pretty much careening all the way to the bottom.

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