10.31.19 Tampa Bay Bureau Chief’s Desk

By : Ryan Williams-Jent
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I’m nearly two years younger than the educational organization D.A.R.E., or Drug Abuse Resistance Education, and my early schooling reflects that. Preventative programming was all the rage in the early 90s.

D.A.R.E. was designed to provide students with the tools to resist drugs, alcohol and other high risk behaviors. It still exists today, albeit without the same fanfare, led by police officers in thousands of classrooms across the country. Among other things, it’s committed to helping students from kindergarten through grade 12 “resist peer pressure and live productive drug and violence-free lives.”

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Soccer game street closing blocks access to gay nightclub

By : Lou Chibbaro Jr. of the Washington Blade, Courtesy of the Natioan LGBT Media Association
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As more than 20,000 fans exited Audi Field, the newly built stadium for the D.C. United soccer team on its opening night on July 14, D.C. traffic control officers temporarily blocked cars from entering the street leading to the nearby gay nightclub Ziegfeld’s-Secrets.

Among the motorists that the traffic control officers attempted to prevent from entering the section of Half Street, S.W., on which the nightclub is located, was its owner, Alan Carroll.

“I kept yelling that I work over there on this street and I have to get in there,” Carol told the Washington Blade.

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Lady Fingers: Bye 2017!

By : Sabrina Ambra
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Welp, we’re almost there, folks. Soon enough we’ll all be able to put this bizarre and “tryin’-ass” year behind us. It has been a doozie for just about everyone I know, but we survived. I have been tested, I’ve met new limits, I’ve stopped myself from drop-kicking many morons and I have a new cat.

Alongside the shitty, I have had the honor to not only witness but also be a part of incredible movements. I walked with thousands as history was made and stuck a big middle finger up to everyone who tried to make me feel anything less than my worth.

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Florida man allegedly threatens Uber driver with HIV syringe

By : Wire Report
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Boca Raton, Fla. (AP) – Police in Florida say a man got into an Uber driver’s car, pulled out a syringe and threatened to inject him with HIV if he didn’t drive away.

A Boca Raton police report says Sebastian Lora was waiting for a passenger outside a 7-Eleven when 30-year-old Matthew Steven Francis got into the car and ordered him to drive.

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Overheard in Orlando

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Trip, Ride, Rocket

On May 2, Space Coast Pride invites Space Coast residents to take a ride on the Night Train to Orlando. As part of a fundraiser to their upcoming festival and first ever Pride Parade, this BYOB ride into the City Beautiful (after a few of those Bs we all look beautiful) will only cost the riders $40 for the round trip transportation. Space Coast Pride will also supply the ice and cups. The Night Train will make stops in Orlando popular hot spots like Howl at the Moon and the World Famous Parliament House Resort. This beats Uber and you can drink while you’re on the road! Visit SpaceCoastPride.org for more information.

Where do gaybies come from?
First comes love, then comes legal same-sex marriage, then comes two people who may need to register for a baby carriage! With Florida legalizing marriage equality earlier this year, many couples who have taken the big plunge are now looking at the next, natural step. Baby, oh baby! Have you ever considered being a parent? Adopting, surrogacy or fostering? Which will be the right choice? What designer cloth diapers will best match my designer shoes? All the questions potential parents will face will be asked and answered by the Family Equality Council at the first ever local “Maybe Baby” workshop on May 30. The 10 a.m. event is free, but get there early because we’ve learned that space is limited.

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Overheard Orlando: Lorrie Del Mar retires from the limelight

By : Anonymous
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Celebrating a legend
The Carousel Club. The Palace Club. The Diamond Head. They’re all part of Orlando’s LGBT nightlife history, and soon, one of its legendary performers will be too. Lorrie Del Mar, preeminent drag artist and multiple title-holder, has announced her retirement from the stage. Known for her extreme over-the-top performances (she once famously rode a horse into Miami’s Fountainebleau ballroom during a pageant), Del Mar’s triumphs in the spotlight took a tragic turn in 1984 when a car accident left her partially disabled. Del Mar’s career will be celebrated in “A Farewell Tribute,” Monday, July 21, at The Parliament House. An all-star cast of presenters and performers, including several of her former fellow Footlight Players costars, are scheduled to appear in the 9 p.m. show. Advance tickets are $8 at Wanzie.com or $10 at the door.

Hunter, RBARR part ways
In a sudden shake up of their entertainment line-up, RBARR general manager Daniel Vega has confirmed that “Unfortunately, Danielle Hunter is no long with us.” Hunter was hired as RBARR’s resident host and emcee and was formerly on the entertainment staff of Funky Monkey Wine Bar and Bananas. The new gig was a homecoming of sorts, since she once performed at Revolution, which once occupied the RBARR building. Tasha Long is now manning the heels at RBARR as the new host and emcee.

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