Tymisha Harris brings legendary entertainer Josephine Baker to the Central Florida stage

By : Jeremy Williams
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Tymisha Harris had a tour de force year in 2018 with her show, “JOSEPHINE, a burlesque cabaret dream play.” Harris—who co-created the one-woman show with director-producer Michael Marinaccio and playwright-musical director Tod Kimbro—debuted “JOSEPHINE” in 2016 where it won “Outstanding Solo Performance” and “Best Show” at the San Diego Fringe Festival.

The show was a hit playing here in Orlando and across North America, but Harris and crew took “JOSEPHINE” to another level with a four-week Off-Broadway run in New York last year.

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Logan Donahoo gives direction through Fringe Fest’s gay offerings

By : Steve Blanchard
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Who better to guide us through the substantial gay-themed and gay-penned shows at the 2014 Fringe Fest than Logan Donahoo? The Orlando-based actor isn’t only a Fringe veteran, but the star and creator of the wildly successful Field Guide to the Gays, which returns for two shows this year.

“I’m also bringing Field Guide to the Logan to Fringe this year for five shows,” Donahoo says. “It’s more autobiographical. It’s like being on a date with someone who shares way too much about himself—and that date is me.”

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2013 Orlando WAVE Awards Results

By : Watermark Staff
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Favorite local politician/activist
1. Patty Sheehan, Orlando city commissioner
2. Buddy Dyer, Orlando Mayor
3. Randy Ross
4. Joe Saunders, State Representative

Greatest straight ally to the local LGBT community
1. Linda Stewart, State Representative
2. Buddy Dyer, Orlando Mayor
3. Jack and Margo Dixon

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The 22nd Annual Orlando Fringe Festival arrives in Orlando May 15

By : Erik R. Caban
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My, how things have changed.

In 1992, when three guys got together to put on the first Fringe Festival in downtown Orlando, almost nobody knew what to expect. Talk of 28 performing companies from around the world putting on 160 shows seemed pretty mind-boggling. And when 14,000 people showed up downtown that spring to catch one or more of those shows or simply to take in the sights, everybody was pretty darn impressed. Fast forward 21 years later and the Orlando International Fringe Festival is an institution, the highlight of the theater year.

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Overheard in Orlando: Orlando nights, gay or straight? (Who cares, maybe?)

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Beary Christmas
The Bear Den at Parliament House played host to more than 100 people for the second annual A Very Beary Christmas. The event, put on by Bears in the City, supports local charities and this year money was raised for The Center of Orlando. It also conducted a toy drive in conjunction with The MAP Program/A Comic Shop in order to make a difference in the lives of children during the holiday season. The local entertainment and karaoke group is headed up by WAVE Award-winner Pat O’Rourke.  O’Rourke said this year’s event was in honor of a dear friend, Thom Lane, who passed in 2012. He added, “My heart is overwhelmed with joy and the Christmas spirit! I can’t wait to do it again next year!”

Orlando Will See Better Days
A new live sitcom written by award winning writers John Valines and out Orlando Fringe Festival icon Tod Kimbro will debut at Sak Comedy Lab beginning Friday, Jan. 4, with a new episode premiering each month. Better Days is a scripted, live sitcom starring a cast of some of Central Florida’s most talented actors. The story draws inspiration from great episodic comedies like Cheers and How I Met Your Mother and centers around a group of friends who, while spending their time in a local bar, face many of life’s greatest issues like love, loss and finding the right roommate. For more information, visit sak.com.

It’s My Way or the Highway
The Winter Park Playhouse continues its 10th Anniversary Series of professional musical theatre with My Way: A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra running Jan. 24-Feb. 16, 2013. Directed and choreographed by Roy Alan, this musical tribute will feature four of the area’s most accomplished professional vocalists: Laura Hodos, Ryan Kim, and Melissa Minyard and out veteran performer Kevin Kelly. Featured are 56 of Sinatra’s most well-known songs. For more information call The Winter Park Playhouse box office at 407-645-0145 or visit WinterParkPlayhouse.org.

Paradise Found
Last month, we reported that longtime gay watering hole Paradise Lounge on Mills has changed names, management and that the once-upon-a-time Cactus Club – now Orlando Nights – is said to be marketed as a “straight bar.” While we received some flack, accusing us of having not having our “facts straight,”a reliable inside source at Orlando Nights, who asked not to be named, confirmed that as part of the lease agreement with QCorp Ventures, Inc. (Savoy, Savoy Daytona, Orlando Nights) owners George Butler and Randall Landbright, they are not allowed to say they are a “gay bar.” Although, most have noticed not much has changed at Paradise Orlando Nights except the name. Most of the staff remains and there’s even Bearaoke on Thursday Nights. See for yourself and make your own conclusions on Jan. 4 when Orlando Nights hosts their official grand opening.

“Suckers”: Sex, Drugs, and Goth-Rock

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It's mid-Florida in the mid-'90s, and the club scene is giving its last squawk of being intriguing. It's a time when attractive men in eyeliner are actually disappointed that they might be straight instead of bi or, at the very least, bi-curious. This is the setting for Suckers, a sleeper hit for Tod Kimbro at the 1998 Fringe, now streamlined and made into a rockin' musical.

Michael Marinaccio has assembled a cast that is as sexy as it is talented. Erin Brenna as Smegva, is a vaguely German, Magenta-wannabe whose best friend is Louis, played by Josh Roth. The two amusingly deadpan to each other as if adding any inflection to their voice would annihilate any hope of ever being considered interesting. Corey Volence is green-haired comic relief as a club-goer who is always rolling â┚¬â€œ if only running into people on ecstasy had actually been as entertaining. Jessi Riese plays the demure Violet whose main goal for the evening winds up to be trying to get past the no-nonsense door host (Sam Little) at Club Flambé.

Kimbro's soulful goth-rock music complements his script well, the passage of time no doubt giving him an objective look at his play. The only complaint is a small one: it isn't easy to catch all of Kimbro's clever lyrics, so a cast recording is need, and soon. In addition to playing and singing for the show, Kimbro appears onstage, in the show's most enticing scene, as a dowdy, recently heartbroken guy unexpectedly connecting with sex-in-heels goth-kid Louis.

Marinaccio expertly uses all that the thrust stage layout of the Orlando Rep's Black Box Theatre (one of my favorite theatre spaces in Orlando) has to offer. Large projections of videos by The Cure and Joy Division, cast on a brick wall, ease us into this world. The trust established from Kimbro's longtime collaboration with Marinaccio is apparent, and enviable.

Fringe is always sprinkled with productions that will become part of Orlando theatre history â┚¬â€œ productions you'll want to say â┚¬Å”I was there whenâ┚¬Â â┚¬â€œ there are several in this year's Fringe, and Suckers is among them. When I tried to see the original in 1998, it was sold out, I missed it and I still kick myself. Don't be that guy.

Show: Suckers, A Freaky Little Musical
Theatre Group: Zombie Productions — Orlando, FL
Venue: Green
Remaining Performances:
5/26 Thu. 6:00 PM
5/27 Fri. 9:50 PM
5/28 Sat. 1:15 PM
5/29 Sun. 2:55 PM

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