Watermark’s 2014 Orlando Fringe Reviews: The Chronic Single’s Handbook

By : Samantha Rosenthal
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To anyone who has been single — and not for a couple of months, but for at least a couple of years like myself — the Orlando Fringe show The Chronic Single’s Handbook will be totally relatable to some of your worst date scenarios, pickup lines or hookups. The one-man show starring Randy Ross, told from a detached, first-person point of view, is inspired by a trip that Ross takes after being laid off, where he travels halfway around the world in search for the perfect girl.

The show is broken down into acts, where Ross moves about the stage as he transitions his way around the world through his show. Playing a single and very hypochondriac man, Ross embodies his characters through every word, movement and recollection of his travels and adventures (or lack of with some) with the exotic women he meets.

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