There’ll be angels singing, “Our day has come.” Terri Binion’s simple (and amazing) syrup makes us cry at the holidays

By : Billy Manes
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There are a lot of stellar things we could say about local singer-songwriter Terri Binion, but she generally sings far better than our speaking cadence.

Last year, Binion filmed a video for a new song, “Goin’ to California.” This writer was there; he cried.

You see, Binion’s story is one of grace and patience, love and disappointment. Her wife, Tracy Irwin, passed in 2011 under dramatically terrible circumstances. The two were legally wed, but said marriage was not recognized in Florida. The legal battle was terrible by all accounts. (You can read said accounts here). Binion was not treated fairly. Still, she has soldiered on in the sweetest way you’d ever notice, and she has made a new record about her love and her loss. She’s running a Kickstarter campaign for her new album (and doing quite well, deservedly) called The Day after the Night Before and will be on WPRK 91.5 FM at 4 p.m. today with Julie Norris’ “Front Porch Radio” talkabout. Click through to watch “Goin’ to California” and tune in Norris’ show here. Try not to cry. We dare you.