Overheard in Orlando: ‘High flying’ for Come Out With Pride

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Chick-fil-a and Pride? Yes
Come Out with Pride has announced a partnership with Chick-Fil-A yes you read that right. Chick-Fil-A hasn’t had the best standing relationship with the LGBT community since their CEO, Dan Cathy, came out against marriage equality and mixed business with his ultra-conservative and religious views. The move caused emotional indigestion for many who enjoyed the chicken and those waffle fries and the corporation’s stance lead to a countrywide boycott that still stands today. This spring, Cathy said he regretted getting involved in the debate. Although this partnership may come to a surprise for many, this is just chicken-scratching the surface. Mikael Audebert recently posted the announcement on his Facebook page. “Chick-Fil-A local area Marketing Director agreed to support Come Out With Pride Orlando, openly and unconditionally, by providing meals for volunteers and added value to VIP guests.” He went on to say that he will have a sit down with the leadership and executive team in late October. It’s a good thing Come Out with Pride remains on Saturday and hasn’t reverted back to Sundays!

Flagging again
Flying high this October will be the (in)famous rainbow flags which have flown around the Come Out With Pride parade route. The “diversity flags” have flown consistently each year for nearly a decade, but gained national attention in 1998 when Pat Robertson threatened divine intervention. The televangelist’s crusade led to the flags only flying in restricted parts of the city. But in 2014, things have changed. Come Out With Pride now flies the flags all the way around Lake Eola.

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