Mama Bearings: Happy Birthday, Jake!

By : Sylvie Griffiths
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Summer is upon us and my children have four weeks left until they go back to school. I am happy to say they are as eager to get back into the grind of public education as I am.

My oldest son will be a senior in high school and is excited to be in the home stretch. My daughters are super social and love the access to friends, gossip and picking out outfits daily. Jake, my youngest, is having a wonderful summer—what I would guess is the best summer of all four of them. Regardless of the fact that his dad moved out and that his parents are divorcing, my little guy is happier than ever. That’s in part because three summers ago he became himself.

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The Last Page with Sylvie Griffiths

By : Rick Claggett
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What kind of writing do you do for Watermark?

I write a viewpoint column focusing on special interests. My writing blossomed from being urged by a close friend and mentor to write a blog about my family. This process led to the connection to Watermark and the rest is serendipity.

When did you develop a passion for writing?

I remember loving writing in elementary school when all my friends were complaining about having to write. I just assumed this was another way I was a nerd, but my true love comes from my mother. She wanted to be a writer professionally, studied literature and imparted her love of reading to me.

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We look back on 2018, a midterm year for a country that’s just living on a prayer

By : Jeremy Williams and Ryan Williams-Jent
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It’s been two years since we, as a country, entered into the reality that is the Trump Administration. The country feels more divided than ever and the phrases “fake news” and “it’s all a witch hunt” are commonplace.

The violence that seems to define who Americans are these days is also there, particularly in Florida, where there has been no justice for the five transgender women of color who were murdered and yet another mass shooting—this time at a high school in Parkland, Fla.—pulled the focus of the world to our state.

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Tampa Bay mother shares journey of raising transgender son

By : Ryan Williams-Jent
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ABOVE: Jake celebrating Pride (Photo courtesy Sylvie Griffiths).

BRANDON | Community advocate Sylvie Griffiths and the non-profit Turnaround Life have begun publishing a blog series detailing Griffiths’ journey raising her eight-year-old transgender son.

Turnaround Life exists to provide diverse, inclusive systems of care through development, evaluation, education and capacity building. Griffiths was approached to write a blog for their website after she began working as a consultant for the organization.

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