Stonewall Bar Orlando honors the legacy of The Stonewall Inn in NYC

By : Jeremy Williams
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ABOVE: Stonewall Bar Orlando hosting the “Win With Love Rally” on June 18. (Photo by Jeremy Williams)

ORLANDO | The history of The Stonewall Inn in New York City is easy to find these days. A quick Google search of the legendary gay bar turns up more than 31 million search results.

For Steven Watkins, who grew up in a small town, learning the history of LGBTQ people in general—let alone that of The Stonewall Inn—was nonexistent in his early years.

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Raising the Bar: How LGBT dance clubs and bars respond to history and look to the future

By : Stephen Miller
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Our LGBT bars and nightclubs: throughout history, they’ve served as more than mere entertainment and socialization. They’ve alternately provided protection, community, purpose, a meeting place for political activism, a defining character for subgroups, and even a disseminator of vital cultural and health information. Yet, just like every lasting institution, in order to survive and be relevant, bars and clubs have to change. They can capitalize on what they do well while transforming with the times.

“Let’s face it,” says Steve Watkins, owner of the newly renovated Stonewall Bar Orlando, “social media isn’t going away. It’s a part of the whole experience of going out – heck, of all of life, anymore.”

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Overheard in Orlando: Sassy struts, ooh Bearracuda, Divine Grace and LGBT vacations

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Sassy that Walk  
Fashion designer, Marco Marco put on one hell of a runway show for L.A. Fashion Week on Oct. 18. The runway show even went viral thanks to the voluptuous Dexter Mayfield and the teen who gave the fierce shade, Brendan Jordan. The show featured what seemed like an endless amounts of hot boys, club kids and gender-bending performers and trans-women. One such model in the line-up was Orlando’s own Sassy Devine. This was Sassy’s second year walking for Marco Marco. Sassy was joined by former Orlando resident and former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Detox and many more!

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