Veteran actress Jessica Harper revisits classic horror movie ’Suspiria’

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Actress Jessica Harper is well-known to LGBT movie fans for her appearances in classic Hollywood movies and in some classic camp movies as well.

She’s in the new version of the classic horror movie Suspiria directed by openly gay director Luca Guadagnino (“Call Me By Your Name”), but she is perhaps best known for starring in the original version of the movie, directed by Italian director Dario Argento in 1977.

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Queer Pioneer: Lesbian stand-up comic Suzanne Westenhoefer was out and funny before it was trendy

By : Jeremy Williams
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The old adage goes “dying is easy, comedy is hard,” but in 1990 being an out and proud gay stand-up comedian was impossible. Enter Suzanne Westenhoefer.

Westenhoefer got into stand-up on a dare and since then has been a pioneer in LGBT comedy. She was the first openly gay comic to appear on television in a 1991 episode of the talk show Sally Jessy Raphael entitled “Lesbians who don’t look like lesbians.” She was also the first to have her own stand-up comedy special on HBO and Comedy Central and the first out comic to appear on David Letterman.

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Monty Python’s Spamalot brings the humor, the compassion and the geeks together at Orlando Shakes

By : Billy Manes
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“Leave him alone!” Sir Lancelot says. “This poor little chap is your son, sir. All he ever wanted was a little love and affection, but did you ever give it to him? No, no. I’ll wager you denied him. You try to kill him, and worse, far worse, you try to marry him off to some girl, some female that he obviously has no feelings for whatsoever. Yes, yes, I know a little bit about bullying fathers you bastard. Have you no heart? Have you no human tenderness?  Can’t you see that all he’s asking for is a little love and understanding? Is that too much to ask? Is it? Too Much! To Ask!”

“My god! You’re gay.”

Such was but one of the sharp-edged pieces that make up the hilarious diaspora of the Holly Grail, at least as it pertains to King Arthur and his, er, compassionate son Sir Lancelot, but the grail runs far deeper than that, and sillier.

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Screened Out – Home

By : Stephen Miller
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Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez

Home isn’t where the heart is. It’s a simple animated kiddie flick filled with sight gags and plastic colors.

If you borrow ideas from E.T., you better at least try to live up to its charm and depth. If you have Earth threatened by total destruction, there should be a heap of tension, right? Home has none of this. It’s just light, fast, inoffensive fun aimed squarely at small children. Even with that easy goal, not all of the goofy jokes land. This movie avoids conflict in the pursuit of sight gags.

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Monday Ripples: Best Use of a Gun

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â┚¬Å”I am deliberate and afraid of nothing.â┚¬Â â┚¬â€œ Audre Lorde

I've recently ventured into to world of Twitter and, I have to admit, I'm hooked. I admit all this reluctantly because for a long time I made fun of it; I would cleverly refer to people who used Twitter as twits. (Yeah, I know, â┚¬Å”cleverâ┚¬Â is clearly a relative term in the confines of my mind.)

Let me explain why I am hooked. First, the celebrity tweets are fascinating. I have long been in love with Steve Martin and to get the chance to experience him cracking wise on a regularly has made my life that much better. Alec Baldwin is quite prolific on Twitter, answering questions from fans with his characteristic smart ass humor.

It's not just about entertainment, there's lots of good information being shared. For example, yesterday Leonardo DiCaprio tweeted that there are now more captive tigers (5000) than there are in the wild (3200). I was floored by that fact and it got me curious about one of Leo's pet causes Save the Tigers Now. Ah, Leo! Adorable, talented, and working to make the world a better place â┚¬â€œ my kind of man.

Now let's take cue from him and see what kind of good we can get up to this week, shall we? Below are a few links to some things that I hope will inspire you in the week ahead. Click, surf, do, share, repeat.

Time to TED!
I know you are already excited about November because I'll be growing that ridiculous moustache again, but there's another reason to be excited, if you live in the Central Florida area, that is. TEDxOrlando conference is back! It will be held on November 4 at the Garden Theatre in beautiful Winter Garden, FL and the focus is â┚¬Å”The Creative Spark.â┚¬Â You can explore their site see the speaker line up so far; I was particularly excited to see one presenter is Ben Hoyer, founder of Downtown Credo where we hold The Do-Gooder's Coffee Klatch!

Roast for Good
The 50th Birthday Roast of Janine Klein
I'm not a huge fan of roasts on a local level. They're hella fun to watch on television when celebrities are being roasted, but what makes them fun is the awful things that are being said are about a persona, not really that person. On a local level, the cracks wind up being personal and, whether admitted or not, end up hurting feelings. Be that as it may, I'll be attending one tomorrow night because it's raising money for a good cause, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and because the person being honored is the vivacious Janine Klein. By the way, Janine isn't turning 50â┚¬Â¦you see, the comedy is starting already.

Best Use of a Gun
Slideshow: Violence Prevention Coalition Turns Guns to Art
I hate guns. Hate them. I've listened to pro gun arguments ad nauseam and I have yet to hear one that makes any sense. Naturally this is one of those things in life that I've come to realize will never be resolved, at least not in the manner I would like. These photos give me some hope, though. The Violence Prevention Coalition melting down the hateful contraptions and making them into anti-violence awards. I love this.

Saving Himself
CNN Impact Your World: Nick Jonas
Cutie Nick Jonas has taken a downer in his life and made it a positive. He is dealing with diabetes and, rather than being closeted about, he has created a dialogue with his fans and has been able to use the Jonas Brothers charity Change for the Children Foundation to raise awareness and funds. Take a look at Nick's video from CNN's awesome Impact Your World initiative.

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