The Other Side of Life: Olympic Meddling

By : Jason Leclerc
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Every four years, the world’s eyes train upon humanity’s greatest specimens with hope and awe. National pride and accolades rain upon those whose lifetimes are dedicated to representing fellow citizens. Thank goodness we have the international spectacle of the Olympics to distract us from the current four-year cycle of politics in America. Thank goodness we have charismatic stars like Adam Rippon to rally round. Thank goodness we can separate good citizens from bad regimes.

While we may have entered a new gilded age as expressed by the gold-plated largesse of a billionaire president, American oligarchs still look to international comrades—other oligarchs from Russia to the Middle East—for fraternity. We, the proletariat and middle class, are frozen out of corrupt markets that swirl around metals like uranium and black gold. The rest of us look on with disgust as those same oligarchic fraternities are openly hostile to their own Adam Rippons. Besides the Chechen LGBT purges and their “gay propaganda” laws, there are many reasons for Americans to be abhorred by Russian norms. Their systematic cheating in international sport is emblematic of their arrogance: sins against decency, if not against democracy.

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