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This World AIDS Day, we recognize the significant progress that has been made in the fight against HIV/AIDS. But we are not done.

Stand in unity and join us to honor World AIDS Day 2017. Since its inception in 1988, December 1st is a day for communities to come together and remember those who have passed, educate those at risk, and stand in solidarity with those living with HIV/AIDS.

The Tender Activist: Making a stand by sitting

By : Scottie Campbell
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scottie campbellI grew up in a military household. My biological father – more aptly referred to as ex-father – and my stepfather – more rightly referred to as Dad – were both in the Air Force, so I spent the first 21 years of my life on military bases. Though the teen-angster in me often bemoaned the lifestyle of having my ID checked by a soldier with an M16 just to go to school, today I consider myself lucky for the opportunities afforded to me as an Air Force brat.

Our National Anthem played a large role in our lives. When we went to the movies on base, we stood for the national anthem before it began. Everything would stop for the National Anthem each day when it was broadcast on loudspeakers; we all would stand still where we were, cars would stop and the same thing would repeat for a broadcast of “Taps” at night.

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