11.15.18 Tampa Bay Bureau Chief’s Desk

By : Ryan Williams-Jent
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There are a few things people tend to figure out about me rather quickly, whether they get to know me well or only casually.

The first is that I’m into politics. Voting is rad, even more so when it’s done in the name of equality and every vote is counted. Second, I have a totally normal love and appreciation for (read: obsession with) Disney, particularly “The Little Mermaid.” I mean, how many wonders can one movie hold?

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The Last Page with Tampa Bay Bureau Chief Ryan Williams-Jent

By : Rick Claggett
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Since former editor-in-chief Steve Blanchard departed Watermark to work for the Moffitt Cancer Center and Jeremy Williams returned to Orlando, we have been looking for someone to take the reins in Tampa Bay.

At a Tampa Bay Diversity Chamber of Commerce meeting, one of their board members approached Jeremy about a potential freelancer who was interested in covering news. It’s rare to find someone who isn’t looking to cover just entertainment or who is looking to become the next Carrie Bradshaw, so we were excited about the prospect.

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Tampa Bay’s Overheard: A fabulous film fest, Christmas queens and EXCELSIOR!

By : Anonymous
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Fans of film and fans of the fabulous can rejoice, because the Fabulous Independent Film Festival (FIFF) is about to shante its way back to Sarasota.

The festival is a part of the annual Harvey Milk Festival, and as always, aims to connect the community through independent film. Now in its seventh year, the festival is currently scheduled to take over Burns Court Cinemas from October 6-8. Films are TBA, but you can stay up to date at fabulousiff.com.

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Stan Lee says Spider-Man should remain white and straight

By : Staff Report
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Marvel comic book icon Stan Lee is defending his stance that Spider-Man should be kept white and straight.

Lee – who co-created Spider-Man as well as the X-Men, Fantastic Four and The Avengers – is the latest victim to be thrown into the spotlight because of the Sony Pictures scandal when thousands of hacked emails were released to the public.

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MegaCon takes over the Orange County Convention Center

By : Patrick O'Connor
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MegaCon 2015 had a huge turnout this year at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) on April 10-12.

The annual event, which most in attendance dress as pop culture characters or “cosplay”, is the biggest convention to hit the OCCC every Spring.

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