Watermark’s Most Remarkable People of 2017

By : Watermark Staff
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In a year filled with many setbacks and obstacles, the LGBTQ communities in Central Florida and Tampa Bay have met those challenges with amazing resilience and resisted all forms of discrimination.

The individuals selected as Watermark’s Most Remarkable People of 2017 come from many walks of life but all share one thing in common, they all were truly exceptional this year.

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Watermark’s Most Remarkable People 2017: Robin Daily, Zebra Coalition Community Engagement Coordinator

By : Heather Wilke, Zebra Coalition Executive Director
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Heather Wilke

Robin Daily has been involved in work with Zebra Coalition since the organization opened a youth drop-in center in 2012. She was a dedicated volunteer for many years until April 2017 when she accepted a position as the Community Engagement Coordinator.

In this role, Robin is responsible for connecting with the community to raise awareness for the mission of Zebra Coalition, to inspire and support LGBTQ youth. Robin excels in this role through her passion for improving the lives of young people.

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Orlando Overheard: No Wonder, She’s Super Woman

By : Anonymous
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The Zebra Coalition’s Community Engagement Coordinator, Robin Daily was recently recognized as an Orlando Family Magazine’s Super Woman.

Orlando Family Magazine wrote: “Daily found her passion for helping others in 2004 when she started volunteering in the local community, and her passion continues to grow each year. She started with Zebra Coalition as a volunteer in 2012 and was hired in April as community engagement coordinator, where she is responsible for executing community outreach initiatives and raising awareness for the organization and the mission they serve.”

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