Tampa, Orlando residents create expansive LGBTQ film database

By : Ryan Williams-Jent
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If you can’t name over 1,000 LGBTQ-focused films, Tampa Bay’s Brandon Taylor and Orlando’s Brock Cornelius would like to change that. The business partners—via the Orlando Entertainment Group, LLC—have created GayMovieDB.com, which they describe as the most comprehensive and easily navigable internet database available for films of interest to the LGBTQ community.

Launched in June 2018, GayMovieDB seeks to detail the whole of LGBTQ representation on film and make it easily accessible for users to discover new and interesting titles. The resource highlights selections from the silver to the small screen, listing over 1,150 full-length feature films, over 50 short films, 20 television series highlighting over 70 seasons and including data on over 9,000 celebrities.

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Fit for Print: History isn’t always pretty, or straight

By : Steve Blanchard
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I am a history nerd.

I love visiting historical places, reading up on history and even enjoying a book or film classified as historical fiction.

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Shonda Rhimes to remake ‘Queer as Folk’ creator’s gay dramedies

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T.V. showrunner Shonda Rimes and “Wonder Woman” screenwriter Allan Heinberg are joining forces to remake Russell T. Davies’ gay dramedies, “Cucumber” and “Banana.”

According to Deadline, Heinberg has signed a deal with Rimes’ ShondaLand production company for the series titled, “Adult Behavior” for ABC. The show will be based on the the T.V. show “Banana,” it’s companion web series, “Cucumber” and the online documentary, “Tofu.” Davies is best known as the show creator for the U.K. version of “Queer as Folk” and for the sci-fi revival of “Doctor Who.”

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Queer As Folk’s Randy Harrison takes on the role of the sexualized Emcee in Cabaret

By : Jeremy Williams
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In the uncertain social climate we are living in these days, theater can serve as a wonderful escape from those political bumps in the night, but it can also serve as a mirror to reflect the dangers that await us if we sit idly by and do nothing. One show that has a reflection that is all too relevant is Broadway classic Cabaret, playing the Straz Center for the Performing Arts in Tampa Jan. 24-29.

Cabaret takes place in 1931 Berlin at the Kit Kat Club, just as the Nazi Party is starting to gain power in Germany. We are escorted through the show by the Master of Ceremonies. The emcee is a role that has been played on stage by some of the community’s greatest actors, including Joel Grey, Alan Cumming and Neil Patrick Harris. In this production the role is played by Randy Harrison, best known as the doe-eyed boy Justin from Showtime’s landmark series Queer As Folk. Harrison took a few moments to speak with us by phone before we willkommen him to the Bay Area.

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Come Out With Pride rises to the challenge of healing a community still in a haze of grief

By : Billy Manes
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“In the beginning, everybody was kind of in shock,” Come Out With Pride board secretary and auction chair Deb Ofsowitz says. “It was hard to even talk about it.”

Osfowitz, of course, is referring to the June 12 Pulse massacre that resonated throughout the world; those few minutes of artillery fire that led to the deaths of 49 people and the injuries of 53 more at Pulse Orlando after a Saturday night, before the dawn of Sunday. The board convened immediately, she says, everybody soon after scattering into various public relations poses as public people often do in the face of tragedy.

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