Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals: 1933‐1945

By : Alex Storer
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The Florida Holocaust Museum (The FHM) is pleased to present the traveling exhibition Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933-1945, on loan from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Presented locally by Wells Fargo, this exhibition examines the Nazi regime’s attempt to eradicate homosexuality, which left thousands dead and shattered the lives of many more.

Between 1933 and 1945, the Nazi German regime promoted racial health policies that sought to eliminate all sources of biological corruption to its dominant “Aryan” race. Among the groups persecuted as threats to the national health were Germany’s homosexual men. Believing them to be carriers of a “degeneracy” that weakened society and hindered population growth, the Nazi state arrested and incarcerated in prisons and concentration camps tens of thousands of German men as a means of terrorizing them into social conformity.

Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933-1945 opens to the public on April 30, 2017 and runs through July 2, 2017 at The Florida Holocaust Museum. The Florida Holocaust Museum is located at 55 5th Street S, St. Petersburg, FL 33701.

For additional Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933-1945 exhibition information, please visit:

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s exhibitions program is supported in part by the Lester Robbins and Sheila Johnson Robbins Traveling and Special Exhibitions Fund established in 1990.

Presidential hopeful says being gay is a choice

By : Staff Report
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Presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson took to Facebook to apologize after saying being gay is choice.

In an interview on March 4 with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Cuomo asked Carson if he believed that being gay was a choice. Carson replied, “Absolutely.”

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