Ellen DeGeneres defends sitting with former president George W. Bush at football game

By : Jeremy Williams
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(Screenshot from Twitter)

Ellen DeGeneres stirred up controversy after a photo was posted online of her and wife, Portia de Rossi, sitting with former president George W. Bush and his wife, Laura Bush, at the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers game on Oct. 6.

Many took to Twitter to blast DeGeneres for sitting with a president who they pointed out, during his two terms in office, opposed same-sex marriage and led the U.S. into a war with Iraq on false pretenses.

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Bandwagon builds for LGBTQ diversity on children’s TV

By : Wire Report
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ABOVE: Hulu’s “The Bravest Knight” is the latest children’s program to feature same-sex parents. (Image from YouTube)

NEW YORK (AP) | Wilson Cruz, a co-star in the new Hulu animated children’s series “The Bravest Knight,” describes the show’s dad couple this way: “We’re not explaining homosexuality, or same-gender sexuality. We’re talking about the love of a family.”

His words and those of his fellow Hulu father, T.R. Knight, speak loudly about the state of LGBTQ representation in TV fare for kids, a segment of media that has been broadening story lines over the last several years to include a range of non-binary characters.

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