Skeleton Crew

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Skeleton Crew

By Dominique Morisseau

American Stage 

January 22 – February 23, 2020

Directed by L. Peter Callender


Tampa Bay Premiere

It’s 2008, and one of the last auto plants in Detroit is on shaky ground. The remaining factory workers are living paycheck-to-paycheck and now each of the workers must navigate the possibility of foreclosure. As power dynamics shift, and they are pushed to the limits of survival the line between blue collar and white collar gets blurred.  With moments of heartbreak and humor, SKELETON CREW is a beautiful homage to the American blue collar worker.

“CRITICS’ PICK! A deeply moral and deeply American play, with a loving compassion for those trapped in a system that makes sins, spiritual or societal, and self-betrayal almost inevitable.”

– The New York Times

Run Time: 2 hours  with one intermission

Age Recommendation:  Recommended for ages 12+. Adult Language & Situations.

  • Price:  
    • Wednesdays 7pm: $44
    • Thursdays 7pm: $44
    • Fridays 8pm: $50
    • Saturday Matinees 2pm: $44
    • Saturday Evenings 8pm: $54
    • Sunday Matinees 2pm: $44
    • Wednesday Preview 7pm: *General Admission | Pay What you Can/$20 in Advance (Recommended)
    • Thursday Preview 7pm: *General Admission | $30
    • Opening Night 8pm: $70


  • UNDER 30 PASS: Our monthly subscription, offering ‘unlimited theatre’ to young people under the age of 30 for only $15 per month.
  • UNDER 20 PASSPORT: A bold experiment, providing FREE tickets to young people under the age of 20 (suggested 12-19) to American Stage’s mainstage season. 


163 3rd Street North, St. Petersburg, FL 33701 Link to Buy Tickets)


The fight for medical marijuana started with the gay community, and it may end in Florida this year

By : Billy Manes
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It wouldn’t be a white Christmas in Florida in 2015; it never is. But you could argue that a green Christmas came in the form of a unanimous ruling in mid-December by the Florida Supreme Court that refined language to the state’s medical marijuana constitutional amendment. Backed by mega-attorney John Morgan and his millions of dollars, along with political organization United for Care (formerly People United for Medical Marijuana), the bill received a solid 58 percent approval from a low-turnout midterm electorate, meaning 3.4 million Floridians voted in favor of the amendment, even in a state that is hostile to progressive causes. The state requires a 60 percent vote to pass a constitutional amendment.

“I’mmmmmmmmmmbaaaaaaaaaack,” Morgan told the Miami Herald earlier this month. He’s back, only with $4 million less in his back account.

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Kim Davis switching parties, now Republican

By : Wire Report
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) – Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, a longtime Democrat, says she is switching to the Republican Party because she feels abandoned by Democrats in her crusade against same-sex marriage.

Davis made the announcement while in Washington, D.C., to attend the Family Research Council’s Value Voters Summit, said Charla Bansley, a spokeswoman for Liberty Counsel, which represents Davis in her legal battles.

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Red & Green 2014

By : Steve Blanchard
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A capacity crowd filled Sunken Gardens on Dec. 6 to celebrate the beginning of the holidays and raise money for St. Pete Pride.

The annual Red & Green party returned to the popular venue and this year and simulated snow gave it an extra special holiday feel.

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Broken Tusk to close, reopen as tea bar

By : Staff Report
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St. Petersburg – For a year-and-a-half, LGBTs, drag queens and their allies have partied, raised money and shared drinks at The Broken Tusk on 28th Street North. But come May 1, they’ll be sharing drinks of the non-alcoholic kind.

The owners announced the change on its Facebook page, saying that The Broken Tusk will sling its last alcoholic beverage on April 27 before reopening as Mad Hatters Ethnobotanical Tea Bar on May 1.

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5.9.13 Editor’s Desk

By : Steve Blanchard
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More often than not, an opportunity to educate others walks across the room and literally plants itself directly in front of you. I see those opportunities as tests, and like most tests, some are more difficult than others.

But it’s not the ease of the test that distracts me after such an opportunity presents itself. It’s how I react to it that tickles the back of my brain for hours, weeks, or even months to come.

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Monday Ripples: I Wish This Was the Most Read Blog in the World

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â┚¬Å”Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats.â┚¬Â â┚¬â€œ Howard H. Aiken

I used to avoid Starbucks. I would turn my nose up at it, eschewing its corporateness in favor of local coffee shops. I still do this to some extent, but I've given in, knowing I can no longer fight the unbiquitary. I mean if I'm in College Park, I'm not going to Starbucks when a few blocks away is The Coffee House at Downtown Credo, but if I'm on my way to work in Universal CityWalk, I'm not going to forsake Starbucks when I need a fix. Local just seems the morally right path, especially when the place has more character and warmth and provides excellent service and product.

Unfortunately that Starbucks location doesn't have some of the things I like about the chain that make it a part of the community it's located in. There are no coffee grounds waiting near the door for you to take home, there's no community board to post local events, etc. I'm assuming this is because it's in a tourist destination and the powers that be either think people wouldn't be interested in that case, or they don't want them to think of that particular Starbucks as being part of anything real.

Today Brendan stopped by that theme-parked Starbucks and brought me a chai tea latte and one of their sinful espresso brownies. Our pastries were in a snazzy paper bag that cleverly implores the customer to make use of the bag beyond this moment. The bag could become a lunch bag, a puppet, a garden tool holderâ┚¬Â¦well, you get the idea. What caught my eye, the stuck in my craw was a slogan on the bottom of the bag, no doubt barfed up by some overpaid marketing person: â┚¬Å”Reusing is recycling.â┚¬Â

Uhmâ┚¬Â¦no. This statement is flat incorrect and, if I may be so bold, a bit dangerous. Reusing is superior to recycling. If you can find a use or an item, then that is the best route to go. Recycling comes with an expense and it also requires energy to execute. Reduce, reuse, recycle, as they say, and in that order.

Where I'm coming from with my whole â┚¬Å”dangerâ┚¬Â assertion is that I feel there is a lot of education that still needs to be done. So when a fact is twisted even in the slightest, it leads to all kinds of misconceptions and bad behavior patterns. Take people pointing to lots of snow as proof that global warming is a lie. â┚¬Å”What do think now, Al Gore?â┚¬Â That's why scientists are more careful to call it â┚¬Å”climate changeâ┚¬Â these days.

Now, let me get off this soapboxâ┚¬Â¦and see if I can find some other use for it. You've been very patient, now here are your Ripplesâ┚¬Â¦

Dead, Buried, and Alive
Bio Urn
So there you are. It's finally happened, you knew that it would. You're a corpse. What to do? What to do? You consider becoming a doorstop, but you feel you may be too large and you realize you will start smelling eventually. Here's a solution: get cremated, then have your ashes put in one of these biodegradable containers mixed with seeds for a tree. You'll fertilize the seeds and pretty much become a tree. You see, it's never too late to branch out.

Wish Upon a Building
Ever walk past an empty building and find yourself daydreaming about what the building could be? Happens in my circle of friends all the time. Public installation artist Candy Chang has made this blue-skying into activism by putting signs on spaces sharing her idea and asking others to do the same. (One of my favorites is a building that she painted with chalkboard paint and had passersby write what they would like to do before they die.) Maybe these buildings will remain empty, maybe it will be torn down, but the ethos created by the project is invincible. Now you can be part of this project by buying these â┚¬Å”I Wish This Wasâ┚¬Â stickers, and plastering your town with them.

Let Audrey II Detox You
The Top 10 Plants for Removing Indoor Toxins
As if we needed another reason to shun artificial plants, am I right? Sticking a rubber tree plant in a room will breathe life into it, both aesthetically and literally! Here are the top 10 plants the good folks at NASA say will help take harmful gases out of the air in your house and have your family breathing cleaner air. Beyond that you have also have the downright spiritual experience of taking care of a living thing. You can’t go wrong.

Friends, family in Wilton Manors remember murdered gay couple

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A memorial service was held January 8 at the Pride Center at Equality Park to celebrate the lives of Stephen Duane Adams, 52, and his partner, Kevin Mark Powell, 47, the Wilton Manors gay couple who police now believe were shot and killed in their home on Christmas Eve.

Powell’s family was represented at the noon service by his mother, brother and sister, Jean, Anthony, and Crystal Kicklighter. Powell’s sister remarked that the couple were together “longer than Adam and Eve,” and that “their love was the kind most people never embrace.” Powell was an interior designer whose work was featured in trade magazines.

Meanwhile, in Youngstown, Ohio, the family of Stephen Duane Adams also conducted a memorial service, with a number of nurses from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio attending. Stephen and Kevin had lived in Cleveland for over 20 years, before relocating to South Florida in 2000. Adams had earned a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Bowling Green State University.

The moving service in Wilton Manors included the release of two white doves by Kicklighter and her brother to commemorate the life of the couple that met in Cleveland at a gay pride event 29 years ago.

Another friend, Mark Grassini of Fort Lauderdale, brought two palm trees to plant at the Pride Center, along with some plants.

Speakers at the intimate memorial service included Wilton Manors Mayor, Gary Resnick, and City Commissioner Julie Carson. Words of comfort were also offered by Rev. Tita Calzada from Unity Church of Fort Lauderdale.

Said another family friend, Anna Tousey-Johnson, of the couple: “Their lives impacted many and radiated the love that they so graciously gave.”

Friends of Kevin Powell and Stephen Duane Adams also posted their memories on Facebook. One touching comment came from Powell’s from Andy Wirth, a lifelong friend from Wyoming, where he had grown up: “A kind and gentle soul…with an incredible smile and infectious laugh. We had a ton of fun growing up and living in the ‘hills’. From ballet to running through the sagebrush

Stephen was the oldest of four Adams children. Added Marci Craig, his sister, “Stephen and Kevin were so kind and compassionate. Stephen would never hurt a soul,” she said.

“All three of us agreed that he was the confidant and was a good listener. He could find the positive in any situation,” she said. Craig said her brother originally planned to go into the business field and attended what is now the Mahoning County Career and Technical Center before deciding to enter nursing.

The suspect in the killings, Peter Serge Avsenew, 26, was arrested a few days after the murder in upstate Florida, in possession of the victims’ stolen car and some of their personal items. While in jail on a no bond hold for probation violations, a grand jury has not yet indicted him for first degree murder in the slayings.

Editor’s note: Norm Kent is a the editor and publisher of South Florida Gay News and this article is used with permission.