Watermark’s 2017 Ultimate LGBTQ Anthem – OPENING ROUND

By : Watermark Staff
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Last year, we asked you to tell us who the Ultimate LGBTQ Icon is. After four rounds of a knockdown,drag-out brawl and a few surprises (Adam Lambert brought down Lady Gaga!) you named the first openly gay person to be elected to American public office, Harvey Milk, the winner.

This year, we are asking our beloved readers and fans to pick another LGBTQ Ultimate, the Ultimate LGBTQ Anthem.

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Pet Shop Boys return with Super after more than 30 years of pop and circumstance

By : Billy Manes
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pet shop boys

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“We were never being boring,” Pet Shop Boys singer Neil Tennant slyly ruminated on 1990’s release Behaviour. “We were never being bored.”

He was right. Sandwiched somewhere between elegy and eloquence, the pop duo – Tennant out front, Chris Lowe fiddling with the keys and technology in back – have made a mark on pop culture in all of its facets over three decades, sometimes with a slight frown, but always with a pop hook. There have been films, ballets, books, scores and tours, but Pet Shop Boys have always had that somewhat cocked brow of high art threaded just so – along with an incredibly palpable dryness of humor – allowing for an unparalleled career in the pop pantheon.

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