High Fidelity: The summer of single

By : Miguel Fuller
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The summer of single is officially over. Well, according to the calendar of the Gods we technically still have a while before summer is officially over. But after Labor Day weekend, our minds shift to pumpkin spice lattes and figuring out how much weight we can lose to get into a slutty Halloween costume. That’s directly followed by figuring out how much weight is socially acceptable to gain during the Thanksgiving season. I digress.

The summer of single is officially over. For most of 2017 I have written in Watermark about my breakup, my foils and fumbles of dating and my use of gay dating apps. You know, those apps that we single people delete and then re-download every other week. I do it as well; you are not alone. 

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Anti-gay pastor gets reality show on Oprah Winfrey Network

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Oprah Winfrey has added “The Book of John Gray,” a docuseries featuring pastor James Gray who has shared his anti-gay views on social media, to her network OWN.

“John, who is an associate pastor at Houston’s Lakewood Church under Pastor Joel Osteen, is just beginning to achieve success. Known for his loud, hilarious, unconventional ways, John will give viewers unprecedented and intimate access into his church and home life. John uses his deep convictions, hard-earned wisdom and famous sense of humor to help people overcome their greatest challenges, all while facing his own everyday struggles as a husband and father,” reads the show’s description on the OWN website.

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Indie-pop duo Tegan and Sara don’t mind if you want to be like them, walk like them or talk like them

By : Jeremy Williams
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The Canadian indie-pop twins Tegan and Sara have maintained one constant in their 20-year career together: being true to who they are. That is what has kept them unapologetically honest with themselves, their music and their fans.

The twin sisters are both out and proud lesbians, write all of their own music and play dozens of different instruments. They are also as much known for their look and style as they are for their unique sound that began in 1997 with their first band Plunk.

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Watermark’s 2015 Orlando Fringe Reviews: God is a Scottish Drag Queen III

By : Danny Garcia
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One of the international dishes served up at the Fringe Festival is a favorite that has been served up twice before.

Mike Delamont returns as the deity in a power suit in “God is a Scottish Drag Queen III.”

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ABC News keeps tight lid on Bruce Jenner interview

By : Wire Report
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NEW YORK (AP) – The first on-air promo for the broadcast interview with Bruce Jenner didn’t even show his face, an illustration of the line ABC News is walking in trying to drum up interest for the program while saying virtually nothing about it.

The two-hour interview special with the 1976 Olympic decathlon champion and estranged patriarch of television’s Kardashian clan is expected to touch on transgenderism and reports that he may be transitioning to a woman.

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My View: From a Broad – Left Out

By : Jill Shargaa
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Raise your right hand if you’re left-handed! I’m a lefty and those that are can tell you, it’s not easy.

When I was in first grade, I vividly remember that when it rained during recess my teacher would break out the record player and we’d have to square dance or get up and move. Every time that happened I would break into a sweat. Not because of my dancing skills, but because it took me a long time to distinguish left from right.

“Start on your right foot!” I would naturally start on my left foot, reach with my left hand, turn the faucet toward the right hoping the water would come out…

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